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Abbott Elementary: Giving Them the Flowers they Deserve

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A triumph for a new wave in entertainment

Quinta Brunson first got her start in entertainment as a recurring face back in mid 2010’s on Buzzfeed, honestly becoming one of the main reasons why I obsessed over their skits. Balancing a witty execution, great plot, and overall funny script she became a main contributor to the reason for Buzzfeed’s success. She only grew popularity until she finally knew she was meant for more and left for Buzzfeed to work on other projects such as HBO original comedy show, A Black Lady Sketch Show. This wasn’t a new take on comedy but it did shift the focus from the regular dry humor you would find in other shows that were written and made for the average white male. This show I have had the pleasure of seeing and has literally on multiple occasions made me tear up from laughter. Showing a different side of talent from black woman than the crying, drama-filled, Viola Davis-like parts that we see in most TV shows and film.

So from going to having viral Youtube and Instagram videos to having over 2.8 million viewers for her season 1 finale of her latest project, Quinta Brunson has come such a long way in her career to build an empire for future black women in the entertainment industry. Abbott Elementary is one of the few TV shows I enjoy sitting down to watch and not minding until the next week to see the next episode. It is witty, funny, has amazing comedic timing, and realistic to the viewers that it doesn’t seemed forced or too made-up. There has been so much love returned as dedicated viewers tune in to see the humor and chemistry between the characters create such a loving environment that only you wished you could attend the school yourself.


Now with the success of a new show that is written by a black woman that contains so much diversity featuring different races, sexual orientation, and even featuring a young disabled child actor there is always backlash that is hiding a thin veil of racism. Despite the immense amount of success and love, the show was shown there has been flying comments about how it is a ripoff of other shows such as The Office that contains “similar comedy style containing interviews from the characters themselves” featuring a “documentary-style of comedy”. Yet these comment are just as shallow as anything else that has received backlash.

Although the show does contain an interview-style aspect, Abbott Elementary is not the only show to have done this since The Office. Like Parks and Recreation, it is a hilarious show that focuses on a small government department trying to improve their small local town. Yet although it does contain the same interviews with the characters it has never been compared to a ripoff of The Office, it may have the same style yet it is different in its own way by making the context of interviews, character interaction, and plot much different.

Although it does contain interviews and direct interaction with the cameras it serves the purpose to show the reality of school teaching in an underfunded school district. With the out-of-pocket principal with little to no experience tryna make the most of it, to the senior teachers that have been there for decades, to Quinta’s character; an eager newbie teacher just wanting to make a difference in a child’s life.


This is the type of show that we need to see more of in the future. Something that shows diversity with its cast and crew without have to obviously point it out and make it the only pivotal moment in the series. No more having a TV show that trauma dumps black issues on its audience, but instead makes it feel like any other normal show to watch for all ages and the family. This show achieves all of that wrapped in a pretty red bow, yet even after receiving so much love, and receiving an Emmy this year for Writing a Comedy Series at this year’s 74th Annual Emmy Awards it’s disheartening to see a young back woman finally having the opportunity to get the recognition she deserves and then being overshadowed by an obnoxious bit that went on for way too long.

This year as Quinta Brunson received her first ever Emmy award, the “comedian” Jimmy Kimmel thought it would be hilarious to be “passed out” drunk on stage and refused to move even as she gave her speech. Pretending to be dead weight, he was dragged on stage by his feet and placed right in front of the microphone, and then had his legs scooted out of the way to make room for Quinta. I mean whyget up and give the respect of a writer when you can just continue a bad joke that lasted wayyyy to long, right? That must’ve been his thinking to believe that was okay.

Yet still, like anything else Brunson handled it with dignity and grace giving her speech to thank her collaborators, family, and cast-mates for creating such a spectacular piece of work. And even still got her groove back when she then later appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel show for an interview. Yet rather than waiting for her time, interrupted him during his monologue that opens the show, unscripted. Saying her peace, recognizing his poor behavior and continuing to give the rest of her speech that she didn’t have the opportunity to give at the award show. Taking back her moment, Quinta Brunson will live on for a intelligent, funny, and strong woman who has created her own success off of her talent and deserves a seat at the table for recognition.

Nia Tate

Hampton U '23

Hi, girlies! My name is Nia Tate and I am a Graduating Senior Health Sciences Major and Sociology from Seattle, Washington. I aspire to work at a non-profit organization that works towards equity in the health care system. A lot of my hobbies include yoga/meditation, kickboxing, trips to the lake, and upcycling old clothes into creating something new. I also aspire to travel the world and experience all different types of cultures and fashion. Some of my dream destinations I hope to visit include Japan, Brazil, and Greece!