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A Hamptonian’s Guide To Surviving Your First Homecoming

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Hampton U chapter.

As we are setting our sails off to “Pirate’s Island”, first-timers might not know the do’s and don’ts to having your first successful homecoming. When I was a freshman, my “ball out” mentality when it came to this week’s festivities left me with a lot of memories…good and bad. So hopefully these few steps can be an aid to your very first HBCU homecoming experience.

step 1: stick with your clique

When it comes to homecoming your number 1 priority should be safety. During this week of fun, your friends are your lifeline. Everyone from alumni to undergrad students will be filing onto campus ready to turn up for the weekend. Staying together and aware of your surroundings is beyond crucial. Sharing locations, splitting up in groups and carpooling are just a few tips for making sure everyone remains safe. Whether it’s your roommate or your besties, the buddy system should be considered Bible throughout your homecoming festivities.

step 2: study hard & early

Imagine you’re living it up with your friends, “No Hands” by Waka Flocka Flame is blaring across the Yard and an 11:59 due date pops into your head. Those deadlines will take over your night, filling your mind with more stress than you came with. Homework guilt is a real thing, so whether it be an essay or just a couple of math problems, make sure you stay ahead of the game. If you make the time to finish those assignments before the partying begins, your future self will thank you.

step 3: stack your cash

Saving money as a college student is already a crucial step to thriving on campus. But when homecoming rolls around, that’s when each penny truly counts. Street vendors, clothing booths, and ticket sales will be at every corner of campus that week. I promise there will be moments when you see some new school merch that you’d like or you’re just dreading going to the cafe before the next event. Having some cash put aside before celebrations go on will only increase your homecoming adventure.

step 4: style is key

If there is any week to be “Ms. Put it On”, it’s definitely during homecoming. It’s like taking the everyday HBCU campus fashion show but times it by 10! From Instagram to the student center, you will be able to see everyone in their freshest fits this season. Don’t be shy to take out that dress you’ve been itching to wear or maybe try out that new hairdo. No matter what way you choose to present your personal style, do it in a way that makes you feel confident and ready to take over the week. Remember: when you look good, you feel good.

step 5: stay true to you

Finally, and most importantly, stay true to yourself. Homecoming, although exciting, might not be everyone’s scene. Busy crowds, loud music, and excessive outings can be daunting to even the most extroverted of individuals. Knowing your limits and interests is essential to being able to enjoy your time. A concert and kickback might be enough to satisfy you and your homecoming experience, which is more than okay! It is all about your idea of fun and how to properly execute that. At the end of the day, homecoming is basically one big excuse to hang out with your friends and peers. So make sure to spend that time the way you’d like and make memories you’d love to explain one day down the road.

Paige Scavella

Hampton U '25

Paige Scavella is a journalism major and marketing minor from Miami, Florida. She attends Hampton University and hopes to tell stories that are true, engaging and personable. Paige enjoys music, reading and videography.