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9 Tips for Dating a College Athlete

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Hampton U chapter.

Usually, before entering college all we want to do is have fun and turn-up during the year with no strings attached. But for those people who find themselves in the dating game and debating whether or not they should date a college athlete, here are some tips.

The Busy Schedule

As you may know, college athletes have a very rigorous schedule to abide by. Whether it’s class, homework, tutoring or practice he or she will always be on the run to make sure all priorities are met in a timely fashion. In the beginning you may feel neglected because of how busy your partner is, and that’s normal, but over time you’ll realize that is the life an athlete lives. No matter how long their day was, it’s your voice they want to hear at the end of the day. Definitely be involved in school and find something to keep yourself occupied as well

Be a Strong Support System

No matter the sport, your partner will have always look for you to confide in, especially after rough workout days or after losses. Definitely be there for them in all occasions but especially for the time when they need you the most. Just know that some college athletes commit to schools hundreds of miles away from their home so the original support system they got back in high school may be totally different for them in college, so hold them down and definitely, most importantly, BE THEIR #1 FAN!

The Importance of Trust

With the hectic schedules, campus temptations and away games, trust must become your BFF. Building that strong wall of trust can really knock out so many assumptions and arguments because as long as you both have an understanding of where you both stand in each other’s lives and that you both are on the same page, nothing can come between your wall of trust. Just remember, “What’s true cannot be tested.”

Becoming an Expert Masseuse

You’ll realize that after the many times your partner asks you for a massage, you’ll start to get pretty good at it, so be prepared to become an expert masseuse. You can get fancy and bring out the oils but just know a nice massage is the #1 thing to knock bae out cold from a long day.

Be on Your OWN GRIND

It’s lovely to be a big supporter of your partner but after a while you need to think about yourself as well. Definitely have your own thing going for you that you can be proud of yourself. Turn the tables and give your partner something to cheer you on about too, there are so many people that dedicate so much time and effort to someone that they forget about themselves, don’t be that person. If you’re really trying to be “Relationship Goals” or a “Power Couple” you both should be doing something extraordinary and both have something to bring the table. Definitely find your niche and be on your grind as well!

No Sex Before Games

Depending on your partner’s sport and how they feel about having sex before games be sure to have this open discussion with them. Some say that having sex before games can make the athlete sluggish and interfere with athletic performance during games. This does not apply to all, but this is something that has been a major topic even for several teams participating in the World Cup back in 2014. But, hey, test it out to make your own judgment ;)

It’s Not Always Going to be About YOU

When being in this type of relationship be cognizant that everything isn’t going to be about you. Yes, you will be a priority but your partner must share the love. He/She will have not only family and friends to tend too but also fans as well. I understand that we all want to feel special but we are not the only person in their lives, sorry not sorry.

Surround Yourself with People in Similar Relationships

It’s inevitable that you’ll make friends with the other boyfriends or girlfriends who are in this similar relationship as you because you will always see them at the games or you meet them through mutual friends. Having these bonds with the fellow girlfriends/boyfriends can be so awesome because you will meet someone who is going through the exact same thing as you and a lot of the time you will notice how much in common you guys are just because of the relationships you guys are in. These people are definitely positive outlets to have and great sources to head to for advice, and these people can turn out to be some of your greatest friends.

Hey Guys! My name is Briana Mulzac and I am a junior, public relations major, marketing minor from Brooklyn, New York. Writing happens to one of my favorite hobbies so I hope you all enjoy the content I have for you guys!