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8 Ways to Spice it Up in the Bedroom for Valentines Day

A huge component of expressing love, whether we want to admit it or not, starts in the bedroom. Valentine’s Day is approaching and for me, I am experiencing my first Valentine’s Day away from home. Also, this is my first V-day with a boyfriend, so I’ve given it a title as my first “grown-up” Valentine’s Day. Cheesy? I know. But with all good jokes come truth. February 14th is notorious for giving your significant other the most enjoyable time in bed. V-day sex is supposed to be super distinguishable from any other random night in bed. You’re supposed to “spice it up” for your partner and go all out for the holiday.


But how do you “spice it up” in the bedroom?


  1. Rose Petals

Ahh, a classic. Since the beginning of time rose petals were seen as a romantic gesture. A gesture so strong that even a Hampton Harbor apartment looks romantic with the petals sprinkled everywhere. Red, pink, white or even black; If you have petals spread out on the bed the night is sure to go well. And a plus? They’re super cheap.

     2. Lingerie

I know, I know, you like lounging around in your boyfriend’s huge tees when you have sex. But, if you’re really ready to make this night memorable lingerie is the way to go. Some don’t see the point in spending money on panties that are going to get ripped off anyway, but it’s truly about the effort. Your man will be flattered you took out the time to get sexy for him. Lingerie just really sets the tone for a lit night in the bedroom.

     3. Letting your hair down.

I get it. You like keeping your bonnet on when things get all hot. I also get that he likes to wear his durag when it’s that time. But for the sake of the occasion, take it off dammit! Lol. Personally, when my man gets a haircut and I do my hair into a cute style it makes the experience 10 times better. You want something good to look at during your time, even if you sweat it all out ;).

     4. Colored lights

All aspects of the bedroom matter when trying to “spice it up”. I’m informing you sir/ ma’am; even the light color matters. From the beginning of time, dim lights have always been used to connect couples. No one can really show their freaky side or open up when a yellow bright led light is blasting in their face. But when you give a red or blue bulb as the source, the mood switches up fast. Even if your apartment is shabby, or you’re in a double dorm; this little enhancement gets big benefits. As humans, we literally use color to determine our mood. To be honest, red lights bring out seductive and passionate traits in one another the best. It’s more personal and intimate. Invest! Invest!

    5. A beat face

This one is for the ladies. Getting your makeup done for V-day sex sounds extra but actually; it’s lit. This isn’t just an ordinary day in the bedroom. This day is much more important and effort should be but in. even if it’s just some little lashes and lipstick. Plus, if you beat your face for the gods? Your man will feel like he has a whole new girl! Now leaving foundation on them sheets? His problem. LMAO.

    6. A seductive playlist

Music is truly the gateway to the soul. On Valentine’s Day, no one wants the sounds of rowdy rebels in the streets blaring, or cartoons used for background noise. You want music that’s going to get you going. Summer Walker, Trey Songz, Chris Brown, and Jhene Aiko are seriously flooded in my sex playlist! It sets the mood for what you and your partner want to go down. Putting effort into this playlist will give you a victory in the end.

    7. Wine

Ahh, good ole liquid courage! Only if you are 21+ of course ;). Alcohol drunk is very sloppy and sometimes dangerous. Wine drunk just hits differently. It’s more classy and you’re in control of your actions a little more. It gives you that courage to be open with your partner.

     8. Silk sheets

On V-day, you don’t wanna come home that night to some hard cotton sheets from Walmart. Silk sheets are the ultimate turn on. Not all hard and cotton-like you very smooth. Plus they protect your hair!


imagine this picture right here. You come home on February 14th from being teased all day by your man. You hear music. Sexy music actually blasting from a speaker. Then when you look down see rose petals trailing up to his bed which now magically has silk sheets!? Also, the lights are low red which is super seductive. You see two wine glasses on the table and you know tonight it’s gonna be good ;).

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