8 Signs that She’s Just a Weekend Friend

We’re often quick to call people our “best friends,” but how healthy are these friendships? With all the post about #squadgoals, there’s a lot of pressure to find a group to party with. Plus no one wants to be lonely, especially not on a Saturday night. Is your bestie really your friend or just there for appearances? Find out if your friendship is only based on kickbacks and turning up.

1) She only hits you up during booty call hours.

Call me old fashioned, but you know the rules when it comes to dating. If a man calls you during the day, you’re probably going out on a date. On the other hand if you get that late night text, he’s probably only after one thing.

Well friendships are pretty similar. If they text you to hang out before seven o’clock, they probably miss your company. However, if you only hear from them after seven, they’re probably looking for someone to party with. Maybe even someone who knows where the party is.

 2) You can’t remember the last time you did something non turn up related.

It’s never the movies or the mall. To her the only thing that’s fun for her is a party. To suggest otherwise would make you a “grandma.”

3) You’ve seen these basic texts over and over again.

Wyd tonight? What’s the move? You going to such and such’s party? This weekend is going to be lit!

4) Your grades are better than hers.

There are tons of people who can balance school and a social life. However while you may lean more towards the books, she might be leaning more towards the weekend. That Friday you spent studying for that huge test, she just couldn’t resist getting out of the house.

5) You never get a birthday gift, but she’s sure to show up at your birthday party.

A cheap card only costs about $1. If she has enough change to get into Holland, but not enough to get you a heartwarming gift, that’s not a good sign.

6) They always miss your big moments.

You performed spoken word at a slam poetry competition. She was busy. You got a solo in the choir. You don’t even get a congratulatory text. They wrote an article about you in the school paper. She never even heard about it, but she knows all the details about this off campus party.

7) She's addicted to snapchat

Rather than live in the moment, home girl is constantly behind her phone. All of her followers need to know that she's living it up. Whether your like it or not, you're about to be all over twitter, instagram, and maybe even facebook. Not only does she need to feel validated by letting everyone know she's out and about, but everyone must know that she's out with you

8) You never hear from them during the week, unless it’s happy hour or there’s some sort of day party.

This might be the most obvious sign of all, but if she doesn’t hit you up until Friday, something is up. This means she only texts you when she needs something, and that thing is someone to party with.

Different friends play different roles in your life. Some friends give great advice, some friends make you laugh, and some friends are just people you turn up with. There’s nothing wrong with that. However if you want something deeper, maybe talk to your friend about doing other things that you enjoy. If they aren’t down for things you like to do, then at least you know where you stand. If you don’t share any common interests, try expanding you circle. There are tons of potential friends that are fun and willing to hang out with you for you and not just trying to find the next move. Stay positive, true to yourself, and keep your options open.