5 Things Guys Can't Get Enough Of

There are some small things that we low key do that guys find irresistible.  All though that gorgeous dress and heels can do the trick, these subtle things just put a smile on his face. And, they aren’t at all what you would expect:

1.)   Watching You Get Ready

Ø  Guys just don’t understand the lengths it takes to get dressed up and looking good, yet watching us flat iron our hair or putting on mascara just seems to fascinate them. They don’t get to see us get ready too often so I guess for them it’s a sneak peek into our private world.

2.)   Complimenting Them

Ø  Let’s face it, everyone likes hearing a good compliment, we take personal satisfaction in hearing that we look good, and it’s the same for guys. Acknowledging his physical attributes just makes him feel good. But don't stop there! Compliment the other admirable things about him- like his choice in wardrobe, talent on something he's passionate about or even his game on the court.

3.)   Enjoying the Silence

Ø  Often times when a guy is silent, we take it as they are upset or not having a good time, but really they are just enjoying the moment, so there’s really nothing to discuss. So, don’t overthink it, just relax and be comfortable.  

4.)   When you wear their clothes


Ø  Going out in public with his hoodie or his crew neck shirt denotes to the world that you are his and it makes him feel a sense of pride that you are proud to be with him.

5.)   When you’re excited about your passions

Ø  It’s exciting to see anyone talk about what they are passionate about, but for guys, when the woman they are attracted to does it its a little bit more endearing. It reminds them to try a little bit harder themselves.