5 Signs You’re NOT Ready to be in a Relationship

As the seasons change, Twitter explodes with endless tweets about “cuffing season.” For some reason, fall leaves, pumpkin spice, and hoodies signify that it is time for you to settle down with a little boo. Relationships can be a lovely thing if you are with the right person at the right time. However, if you are not emotionally or mentally ready then you could do more harm than good. To discover your readiness, read below!

You’re probably not ready for a relationship if…

1. You’re still lurking on your ex's social media.

If you are still pulling up your ex’s Twitter page or getting your homegirls to watch their Snapchat story, you are not ready to be with anyone else. You must first get over the obsession of still knowing your ex’s every move. This could also mean that you are not fully over that relationship. Take your time to let the hurt or remaining memories go! Never go into a new relationship with old baggage.

2. You’re still talking about your ex.

All your conversations should not revolve around what your ex did to you last year. If you constantly find a way to insert them into every conversation you have, then there is no way you are ready to bring another person into your life. Your next boo is not going to want to hear how the last didn’t do this or didn’t do that.



3. You’re not comfortable being alone

Learn how to enjoy being single! Constantly being in and out of relationships doesn’t allow you to stop and bask in “me-time.” Taking time to yourself is very important. Self-love and self-appreciation comes before anything else. Understand that you never need anyone else to complete you. You make yourself whole and well. If you have not yet mastered the art of being comfortable in your single skin, you might want to take that necessary time before you get yourself into anything with another person.

4. You want a relationship for all the wrong reasons

If you are constantly retweeting or making tweets like the picture above...pay attention to this reason. Strictly wanting a relationship because you see cute couples on Twitter going viral and want to be apart of the “hype” is not a valid reason. Wanting a relationship because you’re ready to commit mentally and emotionally to a person in hopes of growth on both ends, is a valid reason. Remember, superficial things will fade and trends will end. No fake love.

5. You’re still in a selfish mindset

The “this world revolves around me,” mentality will not get you far in life or in your relationship. Relationships are all about compromise and being willing to put others before yourself. Be sure that you are fully ready to think of someone other than yourself before you secure your new boo.

Hopefully this article encouraged you to think twice before you tweet, “I’m tired of being single.” There is much more to relationships than good sex and cute dates. Best wishes in all your romantic endeavors!