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5 Reasons Why I Think Celebrity Skincare Lines Are Unnecessary

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.

Today, it seems like nearly every celebrity has their own beauty line – whether it be skincare or makeup. What was once fragrances and clothing lines has shifted to a new thing to add to their brand – beauty lines. With Rihanna’s Fenty Skin and Fenty Beauty recently hitting an astonishing 2.8 billion dollars in net worth, it’s no surprise we’re seeing more celebrities enter the market.

However, this trend seems to be growing out of hand. There are a little over 100 celebrity skincare lines, each promising to share their beauty hacks. This phenomenon is largely thanks to the pandemic. As we’re spending more time indoors we’ve grown more focused on perfecting our skin.

Many might enjoy the idea of their favorite celebs starting their own beauty line, but I think it’s a bit unnecessary. Do we really need this many beauty lines? While some may have good intentions, I believe many are just trying to profit in this booming market. So, here are some reasons why I think celebrity skincare lines are unnecessary.

Celebrities Aren’t Always Honest About Their Routines

We all know that celebrities have an entire team dedicated to keeping them perfect. Whether it’s a dietitian, trainer, or cosmetic surgeon, celebrities aren’t achieving their flawless looks alone. Celebs have access to many cosmetic procedures such as Botox and microneedling. So when celebrities claim they get their clear skin from their products, it can be a bit misleading.

When Jennifer Lopez released her line JLo Beauty, she promised that these products help maintain her youthful glow without the aid of any cosmetic procedures. Many of us know that this isn’t true, but many of her fans may think it’s true. When celebrities do this it often leads unsuspecting people to spend hundreds on their lines not knowing that they were part of a marketing scheme. Many also forget that their photos are heavily retouched. So while these products often seem too good to be true, they often are.

They’re Essentially the Same Products

While many celebrities like to include attention-grabbing phrases to market their products, they’re pretty much all selling the same thing. It is essentially all in the marketing. Phrases like, “non-toxic”, “vegan”, and “organic” seem to be popular amongst celeb brands. For example, Kylie Skin claims to be “gluten-free” and suitable for all skin.

But what most people don’t know is that the vast majority of skin care products are gluten-free. Other brands boast the additions of sunscreen and hyaluronic acid which is also featured in today’s affordable products. These products often feature the same ingredients as other popular items but are advertised as if they were something else. It’s important to note that these phrases often don’t mean anything. These extra ingredients are often ineffective. With this, it’s probably best to stick with a product that doesn’t rely heavily on advertising.

Celebrity Skincare Isn’t Always Backed By Science

Skincare is a complex industry that needs years of research before releasing products. Celebs may often include ingredients that can do more harm than good. Many of these brands have come under fire for including ingredients that can do more harm than good. When Kylie Jenner released her Walnut Face Scrub it ignited debate amongst doctors and skincare enthusiasts as it was damaging.

Another common ingredient is fragrance, which is common in celebrity skincare. These brands are often backed by companies with little expertise. This leads to many ingredients being added into products that ultimately irrate the skin. When this happens, consumers unknowingly combine these ingredients with others and risk irritating their skin. Fortunately, there have been some skincare brands like Pharrell’s Humanrace that have collaborated with trusted dermatologists in order to provide quality ingredients.

Celebrities Aren’t Often Involved With These Products

When it comes to many celebrity collabs, many times they’re just adding their name to a product. For example, the company Beach House Group has launched many celebrity skincare lines. However, many have noted that there is little to no expert knowledge regarding skincare in this company.

Their primary goal is to help celebrities increase their brand. Another example is the influence of Catherine Paiz’s 1212 Gateway. Paiz was exposed for having little involvement with the products of the company and being more interested in the media aspect. Many may also attach their name to a product not knowing that it is ineffective and had little research.

They’re Cash Grabs

When celebrities release anything it generates buzz across social media. Many celebrities rely on their name to sell their products rather than the quality. When having millions of follows, celebs know that their fans will buy nearly anything that has their name attached. I must admit that I have fallen for this a few times with some of my favorite celebs.

They also rely a lot on the aesthetic that their brand markets. Who didn’t find Kylie Skin’s pink packaging super cute? When the Fenty Skin promo video dropped, it featured other A-list celebs with glowing skin who all have seemed to use the product. This tied with a minimalist packaging makes the brand eye-catching and appealing.

Consumers will then be interested in purchasing the product without seeing what’s inside. The promise of clear, radiant skin also is a common tactic used to sell products. Whatever the intention may be, many celebs are turning to the market to make a quick buck rather than producing quality, effective products.

While I do think that there are way too many celebrity skincare brands, I must admit that I do have some faves. I have been using some products from the Fenty Skin line and as of now, I have no complaints. There are definitely some quality brands out there, but the sheer amount of them can be quite overwhelming! Ultimately, the choice of using celebrity skincare is entirely yours.

It’s important to know what you’re getting into when looking into these brands. Doctors advise looking for the active ingredients in these brands and to do your own research. While the future of celebrity skincare is unknown, it’s safe to say that it is currently here to stay.

Madison Davis is a second-year, Biology/Pre-Med major, Communications minor from Memphis, TN. She enjoys traveling, cooking, and playing with her dogs, Pyper and Jamocha! She's honored to share her experiences through her writing with the HerCampus community. Feel free to visit her Instagram page @maddyecamille!
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