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The season we all have been waiting for is here..fall has approached us and it is in full swing. The leaves are changing, it is becoming colder quicker, and layering is a must. During the Fall season, a lot of people tend to decorate their houses for the season. And when it comes to decorating, a must have is candles! Candles that especially fill the entire house and the smell of the wax lasts long are the best type of candles. These five candles fill your house with coziness and deliciousness. The first candle is from Bath and Body Works and it is called “Fall Morning 3- Wick Candle.” This candle is one of the larger candles at Bath and Body Work and lasts a long time. It has hints of sage, red apples, and citrus. It will make your room smell like warm delicious apples.

The second candle is from Bath and Body Works, and it is called, “Sugared Pecan Pie 3-Wicked Candles.” This candle smells like freshly baked pecan pie every time you light it. It brings a warm and delicious smell to the room you light it in. The third candle is from Capri Blue and it is called “Pumpkin Dulce Glam Petite Jar Candle.” This candle smells like white pumpkin, vanilla, and gingersnaps. It is the ultimate Fall candle and the smell of the candle is to die for.

The fourth candle is from Bath and Body Works and it is called “Cide Lane 3-Wicked Candle.” This candle smells like warm carmel, apples, and ground clover. The last Fall candle is from Nest New York and it is called “Pumpkin Chai Classic Candle”.” It smells like a fresh pumpkin chai latté from Starbucks. The smell is so rich and will have you buying extras of just this one candle. Candles are essential when it comes to decorating your house or room for the fall. It adds a nice touch to the decorations because the smell of the area becomes rich from the candle burning. It is like you can see and smell fall at the same time in the comfort of your own house! Be on the lookout for these must have candles at your nearest stores and make sure to grab them. So, you can smell Fall as soon as you light one of these candles. 


LaRyn Claridy

Hampton U '23

Hi! My name is LaRyn Claridy I am second year at the illustrious Hampton University. I am a strategic communication major with an area of emphasis in law from Chattanooga, Tennessee. I enjoy making memories with my family and friends, exploring the latest fashion trends, and I enjoy connecting with other people in a social setting. I am so excited to be apart of Her Campus and I look forward to this next year and what it brings.