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5 Habits Every Girl Boss Should Have

Waking Up Early 

I know that constantly having errands to run and obligations to fulfill can cut into your sleeping time. As a girl boss, you might be used to a lot of late nights and early mornings, but long term this is not only bad for your health but could be bad for your future career. When you’re sleepless, it can lower your performance levels and can even change your mood. Waking up early is the best way to prevent this from happening. When you wake up early, you can utilize more hours of your day. I adopted this habit as part of my daily routine a couple of months ago and it’s been so beneficial to me. Not only have I felt more energized, but if I decide that at some point during the day I need a break, it’s easier for me to take one because I’ve already done most of my work.


Using a Planner 

Many of you are already very aware of this tip so this should just be a reiteration, right? Making a layout of your month, week or even your day can really be helpful when trying to balance so many different things going on in your life. This doesn’t have to be a physical book either. There are so many apps on smartphones now that can be an aid. You could even use the calendar app that already comes on the phone and take it from there. Then, as events arise you can add them in as needed.  I would recommend choosing one day out of the week to just sit and fill out your planner. This way you are taking the initiative to be in control of your schedule instead of your schedule controlling you. 



Goal setting is very essential for the girl boss because it helps her to stay motivated through adversity and helps keep things in perspective for her. It is essential to set both short-term and long-term goals so that you can work your way up to the overarching point and not overwhelm yourself in the process. Your short and long term goals don’t necessarily have to connect, but when they do, this can create a strong element of achievement. Achieving those milestones will give you confidence and you’ll realize: “Hey, I’m almost there.” When setting your goals, please ensure that they are attainable. I say this because many people set goals that in the time frame they’re looking at aren’t ideal. For instance, if you’re trying to raise $500 in two weeks, that’s not ideal (unless your salary allows that). Align your goals with the outside properties in your life. Your current state of health, finances, skillset, and abilities should all be taken into account. 


Stepping Back From Social Media

As girl bosses, we love seeing inspiration. Whether there’s a networking event to attend or even just simply seeing inspirational quotes on your timeline– it all helps boost us mentally.
However, sometimes we forget how seeing the things we want can make us, in turn, be hard on ourselves. It can seem harmless to see people we admire so frequently, but admiring someone and idolizing someone are two different things. Yes, they are an inspiration but be careful that you are not comparing yourself to them. Everyone’s journey to success is different even if it looks the same in the end. Taking a break from social media and lessening screen time can contribute to better health and can help you focus more on yourself. 


De-Clutter Your Devices 

We are all on our phones at least once a day, every day. Somehow, we still manage to have so many items on our phone bogging it down. Whether they are emails, old unused apps, or pictures. Organize your phone by taking out the time to go through it and delete things that are no longer used. When it comes to things you want to keep, but just not on your phone, look into different storage-saving platforms. This could be iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox or try purchasing yourself a flash drive. Doing this will help you keep better track of information you may need to find on your phone quickly. It also will help you make space for new memories and opportunities to make their way onto your device.


Sherdell Baker

Hampton U '23

Sherdell Baker is a junior journalism major from the Midwest. Along with her being a writer for her chapter, she also writes for her own lifestyle & advice blog and other online platforms. Sherdell works to one day be the Editor-in-Chief of a major magazine publication or create her own magazine company and continue to share important stories after she graduates from Hampton University.
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