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4 Ways to Make Your Dorm Room Yours!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Hampton U chapter.

Dorm life in college can be such a drag, but don’t let the small, shared space cramp your style. Turn your college dorm room into a fun and efficient space that accommodates studying and relaxing with these exciting and stylish decorating ideas:

1. DIY calendars are fun and help you stay organized!

Make a colorful paint swatch calendar to brighten up your dull room. The only supplies that are needed are a dry-erase marker, a large frame and 35 paint swatches. Get a frame  big enough to ensure that there is enough space to write in each day. To make the calendar, arrange the paint swatches in five rows and seven columns for the days of the week. After you attach the swatches are taped to the paper, put the frame back together. Use the dry erase marker to write on the glass the days of the week, the dates and the month!

2.  Hang up pictures!

There are several fun ways that you can hang up pictures to personalize your room:

·      Use clothes pins

·      Make a collage

·      Organize them in a pattern

3. Illuminate your room!

Add lights! Add a lamp! There are so many cute string light options for every style of room. There are lanterns, stars and so many more. These are a great way to brighten up your dull room and make it more welcoming. 


4. Add a comfy comforter and plush pillows!

Find a cute, reversible comforter to change up the look of your room every once in a while. Get a few pillows to add to style to you bed. Bringing different patterned or shaped pillows gives your room personality and a sense of uniqueness. 

Don’t forget to have fun and make the most of your college career! It goes by fast!

Lauren Hendricks is a Junior, Journalism major at Hampton University. When she's not busy studying, serving as a Campus Correspondent for Her Campus Hampton U or staying involved on Hampton's campus, she can be found at a local Starbucks, mall or on her yoga mat. Lauren is enthusiastic about community service and telling stories. Check here for blog posts and updates.