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4 Things Every College Freshman Should Know About the End of Their First Semester

1. Yes Your Grades Matter, but You Have Time

Don’t worry. If you messed up, you can make up for it. I know there are many distractions in college: boys, friends and just college in general. I had a difficult time my first semester, and I had to work extremely hard to improve my grades. Determination and self-discipline are very important in your success because you control what grades you make. Your GPA is an average of all your grades and as you take more classes your GPA increases or decreases based on what grades you receive. Start now and get your mindset right!

2. There are Scholarships Still Waiting for YouI always go to my financial aid advisor  to ask about scholarships for current students. They almost always have a list of scholarships that are available based on your needs or even your major. Loans will eventually catch up to you later on so do all you can to find “free money” throughout your college years. And remember: Keep your refund checks safe. Its not free money just to spend on anything you want. It can go towards paying for next year’s tuition.

3. Your Friends Will Help Make Your or Break You

Many of the friends I met my first week of freshman year are not my friends now. However, there are a few that I am still very close to now. Friends who are enjoyable, inspiring, helpful, honest and motivated are important to be around. Surrounding yourself with people who are unenthusiastic or not focused on finishing school will only hurt you in the end. You will see the same faces everywhere you go on campus, so make sure you spend this time with good friends so you can be the best you can be.

4. Don’t Stress Out

You may start to feel like you can’t control everything that is happening around you, but you can. Reach out to your support system when needed. Get homework help in areas where you know you need it. The world is not on your shoulders and the pressures you may feel from your friends and family back home is the way that they support you. They want you to succeed because they know you can. You’ve got this! It is okay to get help. 


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