3 UCLA Basketball Players Come Home After Their Arrest in China

UCLA freshmen LiAngelo Ball, Cody Riley and Jalen Hill were suspended indefinitely from the University of California, Los Angeles, basketball program after their arrest in China. The players were interrogated last week once they were suspected of stealing sunglasses from a Louis Vuitton store beside the hotel the team was staying at in Hangzhou, China. It later on became apparent that the 3 stole from 3 different stores altogether. On Wednesday, the 3 players posted bail at $2,200. Because of the arrest, the young men had trouble returning to the United States due to the travel restrictions they were put on and from having to surrender their passports.  

Luckily, President Trump was on a trip in Asia and convinced the Chinese President, Xi Jinping, to lift the restrictions and allow the players to return to the United States. Now we all know Trump wouldn’t be satisfied unless he received recognition for his actions to help the boys. However, during each player’s reading of their statement, they mentioned President Trump and thanked him and the United States government for their help. Obviously, Trump must not watch ESPN, ABC News, CNN, USA Today or FOX News because he posted a tweet which made it seem like the boys did not appreciate what he did for them. Typical Trump. His narcissistic personality makes it almost impossible for him to let something be about the boys and not what he did for them.  


During the press conference, the 3 boys' statements were filled with sincerity and regret. According to their Coach Alford, the 3 players, “will not suit up, take part in practice or travel with the team while the school performs a review of the situation.” Alford stated, “They will have to earn their way back.” Within the player’s statements were apologies and appreciation to their coaches, teammates, family, fans and especially UCLA.

Now we all know that LiAngelo Ball, brother of Lakers starting point guard Lonzo Ball, will not be stopped by this incident. This will be a minor setback for a major comeback. Basketball runs in the Ball family’s blood and he will end up playing somewhere and continue his career as a basketball player. His great 3-point shootings and hustle on the court will keep him undeniable when it comes down to him being readmitted to the program or not.


Each player takes full responsibility for their actions and is going to use this time to excel in the classroom. Hopefully, Ball, Hill, and Riley will be able to return to the program with open hearts and a brand new chance to show people they made a mistake and they are worthy to be apart of this amazing basketball program at UCLA.