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Self-care is the key to having a good mind, body, and soul. There are different types of self-care routines and habits that one can form depending on the type of self-care they like. My favorite form of self-care is pampering yourself and doing things that will make you feel good. Taking yourself to get your hair, nails, toes, lashes, waxes, and etc are different ways of having a self-care routine. But today I am going to put you on to the best self-care products to have when it comes to beauty. 

Facial Spin Brush

The first must have self-care product is a facial spin brush. This product ranges in prices depending on the brand of spin brush you purchase. This spin brush is a must have because it is a better tool to implement when washing your face. Using a washcloth or towel is fine, but it does not clean your face as well as a spin brush. Sometimes just using a washcloth is why some people break out, because the wash cloth particles clog up your pores. The best spin brush is by Vanity Fair. It may be a little pricey if you are not looking to spend over $50, but this product is the truth. It cleans your face, clears out your pores, and leaves your face feeling hydrated. 

Facial Steamer

The second must have self-care product is a facial steamer. Facial steamers also range in price, but they are not as expensive and you cannot go wrong with any facial steamer you chose to purchase. A good facial steamer is a must have self-care product because it is the right and best way to end your daily face routine. A facial steamer opens up your pores and allows your skin to breathe correctly. The steam hits your face and allows your face to become hydrated even before you use your daily moisturizer. After using a facial steamer once, you will never forget to use it after every time you wash your face.

Water Bottle

The third must have self-care product is a sturdy and durable water bottle. Having a water bottle that you take everywhere with you is important because staying hydrated is important. Drinking water is good for your health but also your skin. It is also the number one way to get rid of acne, redness in the face, and acne scars. Water is good for you and drinking water everyday from your water bottle will even make you feel good. Finding a water bottle is not that hard; you just want to make sure it is durable and it keeps your ice/water cold throughout the day. 

Self-care is important and should be a part of everybody’s day to day life. Taking time for yourself to make yourself feel good is just one way to keep your mind, body, and soul happy. Being happy is the key to feeling and looking good and we all deserve to be happy!


LaRyn Claridy

Hampton U '23

Hi! My name is LaRyn Claridy I am second year at the illustrious Hampton University. I am a strategic communication major with an area of emphasis in law from Chattanooga, Tennessee. I enjoy making memories with my family and friends, exploring the latest fashion trends, and I enjoy connecting with other people in a social setting. I am so excited to be apart of Her Campus and I look forward to this next year and what it brings.
Kiara Davis

Hampton U '21

Hello! My name is Kiara Davis, I am a junior strategic communications (PR) major, marketing minor from the land of 10,000 lakes, Saint Paul, Minnesota. I really love writing and have since I was young. I also really enjoy the performing arts which include dancing, singing, and musical theatre. Ever since I was young I have been apart of dance and musical programs. As for my goals in life, I would like to see myself working for an advertising agency, and eventually achieving my biggest career goal of becoming a business owner. My passion includes contributing to the change of the stereotypical view of African-American women in society. Black women are amazing in every aspect and I would like to help the entire world recognize that.