10 Ways to Avoid A Hangover

Homecoming Season at Hampton is fast approaching and that means endless parties and bottle service. Everybody’s had their fair share of “I’m never drinking again” moments after one too many drinks and a hangover, but you don’t want that to be you this weekend. Don’t miss out on any of this year’s events because of a little hangover, follow these 10 tips in order to keep you going for all 168 hours.

Before the Pre-Game:

1) Eat Something Substantial

Whether it be from the café or the food trucks, make sure you eat something before you start drinking. Food will help slow down the alcohol consumption in your stomach, making it less likely to get a hangover. Try to go for food containing wheat and carbs.

2) Know Yourself

Before you even step near a bottle you need to know and be real with yourself. Know your personal limit and don’t try to push it. Just because you have some friends who can take one shot after another doesn’t mean that you can too. If you can’t hold your liquor at all ... just don’t drink, you can be the designated driver and have sober fun.

At the Pre-Game:

3) Choose a Type  

Decide what type of liquor – dark or light – you will be drinking for the night and STICK WITH THAT.  Light liquor is your best bet, dark liquors contain congeners which can contribute to hangover symptoms.

4) Top Shelf Only

Bottom shelf liquors also contain more congeners, so a good way to avoid a hangover is to opt for some higher end liquor. Leave the Burnett’s or E&J at the store and pick up some Ciroc or Hennessy.

At the Function:

5) Have a Bottle with You

A bottle of water that is! Alcohol leads to dehydration. A great way to avoid this is by having a bottle of water with you while you’re drinking. Chase down each drink with some water if you have to.

6) Drink Slow

By drinking slowly you give your body more time to metabolize the alcohol in between each drink, as opposed to chugging all your drinks and letting more alcohol enter your bloodstream.

Back at Home:


Before going to bed after a night of drinking you need to hydrate, or you will wake up reaping the consequences. Drinking water is ideal, but a sports drink is also another good option because they contain electrolytes.


Sleep it off. Try to get some rest, because sleep deprivation can make your symptoms worse.

9) Eat a complete Breakfast

You need to eat a full breakfast when you wake up from a night out. Alcohol can cause your blood sugar levels to be low so you’ll need to replenish yourself. Try some eggs, toast, and sausages.

10) Advil, not Tylenol

If you are having unbearable symptom take an Ibuprofen like Advil, it can help with headaches and migraines. Stay away from acetaminophens like Tylenol because they are hard on your liver.

Be Safe and Happy Drinking!