10 Things To Remember During Finals Week

1. Take a deep breath

For all those students with 5 or 6 finals, it’s best to remain calm, cool and collected. It can be very easy to scare yourself over a final, especially if you have more than enough to study for. Always make sure to take a deep breath and focus on getting through the week stress free.

2. Prepare in advance

Get those notes, textbook pages and old tests together for every single class so that you can prepare in advance. This will allow you to not only be ahead of the game but it’ll give you time to find all the notes that might be tucked behind a lamp in your room or shoved in a place you would have never expect.

3. Make a schedule

If you do have a busy week of finals, it’s best to make a schedule that not only has when and where the finals will be but what times you want to study and how long for. This will keep you organized and prepared at all times.

4. Team up with your class

Team work truly does make the dream work. There are chats and groupme’s for particular classes so that students can help one another throughout the semester. Use that for your finals and possibly study with some people who you know wants a good grade in the class just as much as you.