10 Things Every HU Student Has Experienced

There is no doubt that we all have love and respect for our Home By The Sea. Despite the amount of times we rant about the things we would change about Hampton, we would not take back the time well spent at our illustrious HBCU. We love the white and blue. We love a good 12-2. We can’t get enough of the Chick-fil-a in the stu. We can’t ever forget the memories we made in University 101 plenary. We can’t forget obsessing over whether or not the traditions and rumors about the waterfront were actually true. Hampton really does know how to push your buttons, but it also knows how to show you a good time. 


To my soon-to-be Hamptonians: during your four years at Hampton, you will meet and connect with some of the best people you will get to know in life. While at your Home By The Sea, there are a lot of “firsts” that you will experience, and that’s okay. I’m here to help you get prepared for those “firsts.” Here are 10 things that every Hampton University student has experienced, and that you will experience one day too.  


  1. Falling asleep during the large University 101 lecture hall 

  2. Getting a severe stomachache after eating the cafe's food 

  3. Struggling to find an outfit for 12-2

  4. Waking up late for a class that’s all the way across campus in MLK academic building 

  5. Coming to class soaking wet because of the rain

  6. Getting pushed back at a function for the Deltas and Alphas to stroll

  7. Hearing the band practice at one in the morning

  8. Running back to your dorm as a freshman to make sure you didn’t miss curfew 

  9. Telling yourself that you’re going to the library with your friends to do homework but instead, you just fool around and make funny videos for three hours

  10. The Hampton Runaround - having an issue with some documentation from Hampton and having to run from building to building to fix the problem just to end up exactly where you started