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Valentine’s Day is all about spreading and showing love and affection to the ones that mean the most to you. February 14th is a day that celebrates the beauty of love in all forms, and all the joy that comes with it. Whether it’s through gift-giving, spending quality time with your loved ones, or just eating a box of chocolates, Valentine’s Day is a holiday centered around all things love. But what’s Valentine’s Day without the romantic music that comes with it? Here are ten go-to songs you need to add to your V-Day playlist, that are guaranteed to make you fall in love, with yourself, music, and love all at once. 

1. Some – Steve Lacy

The first song to play on Valentine’s day is “Some” by Steve Lacy, from his album, Demo Album. Lacy sings about how he longs for love from the special person in his life while providing listeners with an 80s r&b feel. He sings “Baby can I have some of your love” as he expresses his genuine love for his partner. This song is perfect for you and your romantic partner to share on this very special day. The electric guitar adds a relaxing but funk feel, which is not too slow and still adds groove to this song. The outro slows the song down and sets the tone for all things romantic, this is a go-to V-Day song. 

2. Kiss It Better – Rihanna

“Kiss It Better” by Rihanna is the absolute Valentine’s Day song. This song includes an array of amazing vocals and incredible instrumentals that set the mood for all things love. In this song, Rihanna is able to express the raw emotion of wanting the love she has lost back, because of how good it once felt. It expresses the toxicity she faces but still goes back because she craves the feeling. Overall the song has such a romantic feel because of the distinct electrical guitar and Rihanna’s amazing vocal range. No matter what the deeper meaning of the song is, it still manages to make lisenters feel the raw emotion love evokes. 

3. So Into You – Tamia

Of course, any good playlist must include a good throwback. “So Into You” by Tamia has repeatedly remained a classic on Valentine’s Day, and even so far past that. This song has lived so beyond its time for the authentic r&b love vibe it gives off, which so many try to replicate in today’s songs. The song is able to make one feel as though they are in love, simply by listening to it, as Tamia sings the iconic chorus ”I really like, what you’ve done to me, can’t really explain it, I am so into you.” This song undoubtedly is a song that belongs in your Valentine’s Day playlist.

4. Mutual Butterflies – Ryan Trey

“Mutual Butterflies” by Ryan Trey is a song that explores all of the excitement behind falling in love for the very first time. It’s perfect for an intimate and romantic valentines day vibe. It’s all about being nervous and unsure, but then those feelings are soon beautifully reassured when the feelings are mutually reciprocated. It eloquently depicts the stages of falling for someone and is a great song for valentines day especially.

5. Knock You Down – Keri Hilson featuring Kanye West & Neyo

The next must-have song on your Valentine’s Day playlist is “Knock You Down” by Keri Hilson featuring NeYo and Kanye West. This is yet another r&b classic that is the ultimate vibe for you and your loved ones to enjoy on this romantic day. This song is all about never expecting to feel love as true and genuine as the one they feel currently. The features in this song also add a sort of exciting energy, with each verse being able to take you through a trip of falling in love.  

6. Body Smile – dvsn 

“Body Smile” by dvsn is by far one of the most romantic, yet heart-wrenching songs, and is definitely perfect for whatever mood you may experience on Valentine’s Day. This song describes the regret of losing a loved one, but that bittersweet moment when you know the person you lost deserves better and finally prioritizes themselves. It’s sad but almost romantic and sweet at the same time. As dvsn sings the prechours and chorus, “now that you know, you were better than I was ready, it’s not like before, tonight I’m making up for it all, for every time I made you cry, I will make your whole body smile”, he means for every time he may have caused hurt in the relationship, he will try to make up for it sexaully and emotially. The song is all about realization and not knowing something until it’s gone, but also wanting to earn that special love back in any way they possibly can. 

7. Can’t Keep My Eyes Off Of You – Lauryn Hill

The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill is filled with amazing songs that fit any and every emotion one may ever feel. Lauryn Hill’s lyrical ability and beautiful vocal range allow her to be able to make every one of her songs an incredible piece of art. One song that is perfect for the V-Day mood is “Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You”, as it is all about craving the person you love. Lauryn sings “you’re just too good to be true, can’t take my eyes off of you, you’d be like heaven to touch, I wanna hold you so much”, as it expresses how in love she is. This song is the epitome of romance, joy, and love. 

8. Higher- Rihanna

Another Rihanna song off of her Anti album that is perfect for Valentine’s Day is “Higher.” Rihanna sings her soul out in this song about how in love she is and relates it to the feeling of being high. She expressed her yearning for love and how she feels higher than she’s ever felt when she loves this person. The distinct violin on top of Rihanna’s beautiful vocals makes for an amazing combination and yet another wonderful valentine’s day song to add to your playlists! 

 9. Deep End – Xavier Omär

“Deep End” by Xavier Omar is a beautiful song to share with you and your loved ones on Valentine’s Day and is definitely worth a listen. It is the perfect song for a date night, and it’s all about being able to be there for someone through it all. In this song, Xavier Omar is able to use the word “deep end” in two different ways, which makes the lyrical meaning of the song so much better. He sings “you can depend on me in the deep end” meaning he will always be there for her. It is just a perfect song for Valentine’s Day.

10. Best I’ve Ever Had – Drake

Lastly, “Best I’ve Ever Had” by Drake is the go-to song to add to every playlist, especially Valentine’s Day. This song is just an all-around great song because it is able to depict a true love anthem. Drake talks about how the girl he’s with is the best he’s ever had, and how she tops all the other girls he’s ever been with. It’s all about making one feel special and loved, and that’s why it is perfect for Valentines Day 

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