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As women in a “boys will be boys” and “men will be men” world, we are often faced with a feeling of unsafety. We are often the ones that have to not be out by ourselves at night or in certain places because, for some reason, that is the best thing people can come up with- instead of trying to reform the people and things that make this world so unsafe for women. Now, I’m not saying that we should just go places where there is a likely chance of danger, but I will say that we need to be able to protect ourselves because even when we don’t go here or there at whatever certain time, we still have the potential to be subject to danger, whether that be sexual assault, kidnapping, getting robbed or worse. Here, I have a list of self defense items that can help you feel a little bit safer on those walks to the car and where to get them.

Pepper Spray/ Mace

Mace is one of the most popular self defense items out there. It comes in all sizes and on keychains, which in my opinion is the best way to carry it. Because it is so popular, it is pretty much available everywhere, but I’ll still give you my recommended sites. One that I would suggest is the pepper spray by Mace, and another I would recommend is lipstick pepper spray, which is pepper spray disguised as lipstick.

Defender Ring

The defender ring is just what the name insinuates, a ring. This ring has a spike on the end that is able to break skin, which not only harms your attacker but makes it to where you now have their DNA on the spike of the ring. I would recommend the defender ring from the Soho Emporium and the self defense ring from Zen Heavens.

Cat Ear Keychain

The cat ear keychain is another thing that is just what it sounds like. It has two cat ears and two holes to put your fingers in so that the cat ears are over your knuckles. I would recommend the Kitty Keychain Stay Safe  and the other cat ear keychains from Kitty Keychain; they have a variety of colors and styles. 

Tactical Pen

The tactical pen doubles as a writing utensil and a weapon. Both ends are able to be used to fend off an attacker, and the pen is strong enough to break glass. I recommend the Uzi Tactical Pen, the Lucid Optics pen and the Smith and Wesson tactical pen.

Safety Alarm

The safety alarm is a self defense tool that many don’t view as effective as the others, but with the advancement of technology, these alarms go up to 130 decibels, which can frazzle your attacker as well as let anyone in the proximity know something’s going on. I recommend the Mini Personal Alarm, the She’s Birdie alarm and the KOSIN Safe Sound alarm.

Self-Defense Keychain

The self defense keychain comes in many shapes and forms but all are capable of doing about the same amount of harm to an attacker. Like the tactical pen, you would use this to hit/stab an assailant. I recommend the Tactical Pointed Tip keychain, the Aluminum Anti-Wolf keychain, the MUNIO Self Defense keychain and the Keychain Set.

Unbreakable Umbrella

The unbreakable umbrella is just what the name says, which makes it not only well equipped to protect you from the rain, but you can also use it to protect yourself from someone. One note I have for items like these though is that if you don't have a good grip or handle, it can easily be snatched away and even used against you, so that is something to think about to see if this item is for you. I would also like to say that this item is on the more expensive side (very expensive, by my standards). I would recommend the Unbreakable Walking Stick Umbrella.


The self defense whistle is kind of the same as the safety alarm, except some of them you have to blow manually. It also emits a loud sound that can discourage your attacker and let people know that you’re in danger. I recommend the High Decibel Whistle and the Emergency Whistle.

Slap Hat

The slap hat is a hat with material in it that has the same density as lead, making it a powerful blunt weapon. To use it you would take the bill of the hat and hit your assailant with the base of the hat. I recommend the Night Watchman.

Stun Gun

The stun gun is a very well known self defense item. It comes in many sizes and forms. This is an item that can be found many places but I recommend Lipstick Stun Gun, the Streetwise USB Secure Stun Gun, the VIPERTEK Flashlight Stun Gun and the Streetwise Stunbrella.

There are plenty more options for self defense out there. If none of these are the right fit for you, I hope you find something that best suits you. I would suggest that whatever you designate as your self defense tool or toolsm that you make sure you know how to use it and have a little practice so that they are as effective as they should be and so that you will have less of a chance of them being used against you. Of course, we’re never looking for trouble, but we definitely want to be prepared if or when trouble comes. Stay safe, ladies!

Kierstyn Chambers is a first year English Education Major, from Birmingham, Alabama. She enjoys helping people and making the people around her happy. She plans to become a teacher and try to help low income school systems. She also loves movies and poetry.
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