10 Essentials for Every Senior’s Bucket list

They say that college makes up the best years of your life. Let’s hope not! While college life will afford you many wonderful memories, it is important to remember that you will go on to so much more beyond Hampton-if you are prepared. Senior year is a time for decision-making, growth and reflection. This bucket list is designed to suggest ways to get the most out of senior year!


1. Find your passion

If you do something you love, you’ll never work a day in your life. After four years of pouring time and energy into your major, it’s fair to ask yourself - is this my true passion? Begin by examining your hobbies and interests. 




2. Find a Mentor

Every emerging professional needs knowledgeable people in their corner. Begin building an extended support system by developing meaningful relationships with people in your prospective career field. Attend career and networking events and stick around after to mix and mingle. Visit the Alumni House and join Facebook groups to connect with Hampton graduates that work in your field. 


3. Pull an all-nighter

Night owls rejoice! Post-grad life is a blend of career, family and social life--which doesn’t leave much room for lighthearted activities. Savor the flexible schedule college life offers. Invite some friends over for a sleepover and binge-watch your favorite series. Burn the midnight oil and spend the time doing something you’ve been putting off. Why not get proactive and spend a night applying to jobs and fellowships? 



4. Visit the Career Center

We’ve all heard the famous question --“what are your plans after college”? If you don’t have an answer yet, don’t despair! Tap into the resources and guidance available at the Career Center. Schedule a meeting to review your resume and cover letter and devise a career game plan. Sign up to attend information sessions, on-site interviews and prepare for the Spring Career Fair. 


5. Use your student discounts

Use your student status to get the most bang for your buck! Did you know that there are a host of stores and restaurants that give college student discounts if you show your school ID? In addition to some of the on-campus restaurants that accept Pirate Debit, explore discounts on clothing at stores such as Pink, Nike and Top Shop. Click on this linkfor a host of other savings!




6. Try Something New 

This one’s a bit personal. Sometimes fear holds us back from trying the things that we’ve always wanted to do. Try out for that dance team. Take that interesting elective. Explore a building on campus that you’ve never been to. Walk to downtown Hampton and support a local business. Graduation is fast approaching - you don’t want to leave any what-ifs on the table.



7. Talk to your crush

Speaking of what ifs....If you’ve been putting off the chance to shoot your shot to your crush-take it! Have you  been staring at the same person in all of your classes or lurking on a certain someone’s Instagram page since freshman year? Put yourself out there and initiate a conversation. Who knows, it may be the start of a new relationship-or at the very least, a date to senior ball. 



8. Bolster your savings account

Money management is critical to “adulting”. Whether you work, receive a scholarship or financial aid, or just have generous parents--make sure that you are setting some money aside in a savings account. This kind of discipline will give you more respect for your money and help build a cushion for a rainy day.


9. Write a letter to your future self

Take some time to reflect on your collegiate experience. Reward yourself for all you have achieved and acknowledge the things you may have lost. All of it is part of your story. As graduation draws nearer, look beyond the finish line. Where do you see yourself in five years...or even ten? Write a letter to your future self expressing your feelings now as a college senior and speaking into existence all of the blessings that are coming your way. Make sure you put it somewhere safe-- you may want to look back at it someday.



10. Ogden Crossing

The excitement and anticipation has been building up for four years. Cherish your opportunity to take part in this Hampton tradition! Rejoice with your friends and peers as you celebrate four years of hard work and unforgettable experiences. It’s hard to predict how that moment will feel--but it’s sure to be one you will never forget!