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TikTok is the app of the year! Whether you’ve made one, have gotten sent a TikTok from a friend, or even want to be TikTok famous, this app has changed the social media game. It’s a unique platform that allows people of all backgrounds, identities, and cultures to express themselves via video. 

I don’t know about you, but TikTok has shown me a lot! From skincare routines and amazing Amazon products to crazy dance trends and hilarious pranks. One thing, however, that I have absolutely loved about TikTok is the number of beautiful Black creators. And what better time than now to highlight some of these wonderful content creators? So without further ado, here are 10 Black TikTokers that need to be on your FYP. 

1. Taj Reed, @donidarkowitz

Our first TikToker is @donidarkowitz. Known as Taj Reed, her TikToks show you her show-stopping makeup looks. All of her videos are synched PERFECTLY to popular TikTok songs, and the end result is flawless! But don’t take my word for it, go like and follow her for yourself!

2. Dasia Janae, @dajjrambo

Another talented TikToker is @dajjrambo also known as Dasia Janae. Dasia’s content centers around makeup tutorials and she also shows off her DIY skills in her room renovations and sneaker art. If you watch her videos, you might even catch her cute kiddos, Noelle and Naz!

3. Wisdom, @wisdm8

If you love fashion, then you’ll LOVE this next TikToker. Wisdom, @wisdm8 is a young creator from Nigeria who is known for slaying all sorts of fits! He launched his TikTok in January 2019 and has already gotten over 10 million likes! He even gives great fashion advice and his feed overflows with pure inspiration. 

4. Bongiwe, @bongiwebeepinana 

Moving over to the fitness side of TikTok, @bongiwebeepinana is a personal trainer from South Africa. She’s also the CEO of Thunder Fitness. If you’re looking for an easy-to-follow fitness guide, then Bongiwe is your girl!

5. Gabrielle Reyes, @onegreatvegan

And of course, you can’t have fitness without talking about food! For all of my vegan people or anyone who wants to eat healthily, follow @onegreatvegan! Gabrielle Reyes will show you how to do all things vegan!

6. Christian Paul, @_christianpaul

If you have a sweet tooth like me, you’ll want to follow @_christianpaul, a baker who has his own Pop-Tarts recipe (yes Pop-Tarts!) and custom made gourmet chocolate bars. Check out his culinary confections on his IG @christianpaulco.

7. @lifeofasassystew 

Have you ever wondered what being a flight attendant is like? Well, @lifeofasassystew has got you covered! Her content revolves around what it’s like to fly high as a flight attendant. Not only is she a flight attendant but she’s also a caring mother with a hilarious sense of humor! 

8. Drea, @dreaknowsbest

Another funny TikToker is @dreaknowsbest. Drea is a Nigerian American who also graduated with a major in Engineering. She got started on Vine and now she shows off her self-deprecating comedy on TikTok. 

9. Kendra Oyesanya, @mizzko

If you love getting up and showing off your dance moves, then you need to follow @mizzko. Kendra Oyesanya’s dancing is effortless! One great thing about MizzKO is that she takes pride in not looking like the “typical” dancer and loves the things that make her special and unique.

10. @mistercapehart

Looking to get educated? Then look no farther than our last TikToker on the list: 7th-grade teacher @mistercapehart. He uses his platform to speak out about racial injustices that take place in the Black community. He also provides amazing daily affirmations and is not afraid to directly respond to his commenters. 

So there you have it! 10 Black TikTokers that you should follow right now! But there are many more! Go out and do your research and support as many Black creators as you can! And if there’s content that you don’t see being created, maybe it’s a sign that you should be the one to create it!

Camille Birdsong is a senior Broadcast Journalism major & Leadership Studies minor from Hampton, Virginia. She has interned for both the TODAY Show and Weekend TODAY Show. Camille aspires to be a news producer after graduating. She is a member of the Gamma Theta Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. and is a line producer and director for her school's newscast. She is a major Marvel fan, a Starbucks connoisseur, and an adult Girl Scout (no she can't get you any cookies)!
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