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10 Black Businesses You’ve Never Heard Of

If one thing’s for sure, 2020 has been one of the most depressing and chaotic years that we’ve had in decades. From celebrity icons passing away to a plethora of political riots happening across the country, this year has been tough for everybody. One positive outcome of 2020 was the increase in support and coverage of the Black Lives Matter movement. The Black community realized it was time to start giving back to our own people and supporting our own companies. Due to the disheartening amount of Black people killed this year by police and radical white citizens, many celebrities and people with large platforms donated and showed their support for Black businesses in America. These Black-owned companies thrived and as a result, young Black people from all over the country have started their own ventures. The younger generations took that initiative and opened up all types of businesses, ranging from hair companies to fashion boutiques to skincare brands.  

    Today, I wanted to highlight 10 black businesses you probably have never heard of. These businesses include fashion, skincare, makeup, hair, etc. The CEOs of these companies are hard working individuals determined to improve their brand by consistently releasing high quality products. Here’s the list I came up with:

  1. Gianci by Cameron Atkism, 19, based out of Westland, MI. Instagram: @whatisgianci

  2. MegsOrganx by Jayla Walker, 20, based out of Atlanta, GA. Instagram: @megsorganx

  3. BKB4 Barclays by Xavier Drake, 31, based out of Brooklyn, NY. Instagram: @bkb4barclays

  4. Waist His Time by Joy Coates, 20, based out of Montgomery County, MD. Instagram: @waisthistime

  5. Heir Vanity by Kayla Harden, 19, based out of Detroit, MI. Instagram: @shophv.us

  6. Yay Beauty by Yayli Quinones, 19, based out of Bronx, NY. Instagram: @yay_beauty_

  7. Case Closed by Jeffery Dodson, 22, based out of Prince George, VA. Instagram: @jefftoosmooth

  8. Empire Hair Extensions by Taylor Moore, 19, based out of Chicago, IL. Instagram: @empirehairextensions_

  9. Kizzy Apparel by Abigael Williamceau, 20, based out of Broward, FL. Instagram: @kizzyapparel

  10. Russi Beauty by Niyah Russell, 21, based out of New York, NY. Instagram: @russibeauty

Hey, my name is Taliah Muhammad. I am a third year International Studies major on the Pre-Law track at the illustrious Hampton University. I love to style outfits for people and discuss politics! I’m very excited to be apart of the Hampton U chapter of Her Campus this year, and I can’t wait to see everything we accomplish!
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