What's Got Me Drooling From Glam Doll Donuts


Fall brings with it the inevitable pumpkin spice wave, but pumpkin spice isn’t the only thing worth craving in the cooler month. What’s got me hungry right now is Glam Doll Donuts new flavors for the fall menu.

They started their announcements with an old classic coming back called the Chart Topper. “Our classic cake donut dipped in peanut butter icing w/ Sriracha glaze, spicy roasted peanuts and red pepper flakes,” they described on their Instagram feed. She comes in regular and vegan versions and is something to spice up the new season for sure!

Next, Glam Doll released a flavor that reminded me a lot of Bogart’s Donuts iconic snack: Brown Butter Rum Blazed. Glam Doll is titling her the Lifesaver, and if she’s anything like Bogart’s Brown Butter Glazed, she’s sure to be a lifesaver when some sugar is needed. I can’t wait to pin the two against each other and see whether the addition of some rum kicks the brown butter trend up a notch. It’ll be hard to top the thick, dense donut that Bogart’s regularly sells out of, but if someone is going to do it, it would be Glam Doll.

The third donut that Glam Doll has rolled out for fall, and the only flavor I’ve gotten my grubby hands on so far, is the Salty Doll. It has brown sugar cream inside, grapefruit icing, and a sour candied grapefruit and with salt on top.

The donut was a sugary mess and so good. The best part was the tangy bite of the grapefruit which was like a tiny reminder of the summer season we’re waving goodbye to with these flavors.

Last, but by no means least, the donut that I have my eyes on the most out of all these new options is the Marvelous Maiden, and she sounds marvelous. Unlike anything I’ve seen before, she’s filled with a sweet potato custard and topped with a caramel icing, Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Horchata flavor whipped cream made in-house. According to Glam Doll’s Instagram, this beauty will be available at both their locations for the fall season and I’ve got to schedule a visit right now.

The autumn season brings with it a lot of flavor sets I wait all year for; I ordered a pumpkin spiced chai tea the first day Starbucks launched that flavor for 2018, but the only way to improve the classic excitement for fall foods is by putting them into donuts.