What to Expect at Hamline's Homecoming

Homecoming? In college? I know that’s what I first thought when I heard about Homecoming last year. But trust me, although a lot of things stay the same, a college homecoming can be a lot more involved and fun than what you were used to in high school.

First of all, Homecoming weekend is both for current students and alumni (hence ‘coming home’). Expect to see older-looking students walking around campus; many of them are super friendly and great to talk to. Homecoming usually lasts the whole weekend but technically happens from October 7th-13th this year.

This past Sunday Hamline prepped for the week by joining staff and other students in decorating campus. You could get in the spirit by sporting more Hamline gear or by wearing some red, white and gray this week. It’s a great way to feel a part of your community.

Homecoming football game crowd, courtesy of Hamline University.

There will be lots of events during the week leading up to the weekend. These include things like scavenger hunts, T-shirt giveaways and free food. For a full list of events, check out the Homecoming web page or their page on Facebook. Students in the past have had a ton of fun at the Lip-Sync competition, so be sure to stop by on Friday to check it out or register to perform.

Yes, there is a dance. There’s also Homecoming royalty. I’m not sure what the purpose of a homecoming court is, but if you or a friend are nominated, there will be a spot to vote in Anderson this week. The dance itself is not huge, but there’s free food and music, and it’s casual enough to wear sweatpants to.

Finally, Saturday is the football game. Although I am not personally a sports fan myself, the rally beforehand is full of fun games, free food, and free Hamline spirit gear. To get to the stadium, go through Klas center (there will be tickets available at the back doors).

No matter how much you decide to participate in Hamline Homecoming, you will definitely score some free food, free stuff and pride in our Hamline community.