The Value of Being a Student Athlete

A chaotic schedule, lack of sleep and a buildup of homework is simply no surprise to any college student. However, this is likely the daily grind for your average Student Athlete here at Hamline. The unique experience of a Hamline collegiate athlete makes the hard work worth it.  

The skills, knowledge and connections gained throughout college will be beneficial to all students for the rest of their lives. However, this education outside of the classroom is a focus throughout Hamline athletics.

“Learning to balance school, athletics and a social life with less free time has really helped me become more responsible this year,” first-year Elliot Engan said. 

Student Athletes are often very busy keeping up with their sport, school, a social life or work. These athletes will struggle if their time is wasted.  The lesson of time management and balancing a schedule is so critical to an athlete's overall success in college.  All students will hopefully learn this skill to some extent, but athletes will naturally learn this skill while handling their daily routine. 

Hamline athletes will also learn many additional skills because of their involvement in their sports. The Athletic Department here at Hamline has a culture that strives to educate its athletes inside and outside of their respected sports.

Engan has pick up on this energy already this year. Referring to the Athletic Department as a whole, Engan said, “The values and morals they try to instill in their athletes will help them not only on the field, but with life in general.”

The time and effort Hamline puts into its athletes cultivates them in an environment that allows them to pick up and learn valuable skills. Reilly Geistfeld, a member of the Hamline Women’s Basketball and Volleyball team is evidence that the Athletic Department’s work is rubbing off on its athletes. 

“I’ve learned how to work with my team, and improve my work ethic, communication and leadership skills,” Geistfeld said.

These are skills that are critical in a college student’s development, and athletes such as Geistfeld can learn them through their involvement in athletics right here at Hamline. Geistfeld also suggests there are other benefits to being an athlete around campus besides the life lessons and skills she has learned.

“I enjoy it because I met all my friends through being an athlete here and I know a lot of people on campus that way,” Geistfeld said.

Making these personal connections will not only be enjoyable, but will open doors and create opportunities.        

College students can really benefit in a variety of ways by getting involved in college athletics. Hamline University gives Student Athletes the ability to thrive academically and in the sports they love, learning valuable lessons that will help them lead successful lives even after their athletic careers come to an end.