Things to do During Quarantine

Well, Well, Well… a lot has changed since I last wrote. In a short amount of time we went from normal life to, another sort of normal life. Since some of us are going to be staying home for a long time, I wanted to give you some suggestions on new things to try. Have fun!

  1. Build a fort

Building a fort is a simple way to have a little extra fun space. It can be as simple as a sheet over a couch or super complex. It is a fun way to spend time with your family or friends, and can add a little bit of excitement to your next inevitably boring Zoom call. 

  1. Cook or bake

I personally love baking and was really sad when I couldn’t at school. Fortunately, now that I have more time at home, I have gotten to a lot lately. It doesn’t have to be super hard, just making cookies or banana bread if those sound good to you. 

  1. Try to connect with people

This is a lonely time for a lot of us and getting to talk to people can make people feel better. Whether it’s a family member over facebook or sending a friend a meme, little bits of communication will take up time and lessen the feeling of everyone being “stuck”. You can even count your classes as connecting to people. Talking to classmates is a great way to feel like you’re at school without actually being there!

  1. Pick up a new show

Watching a new show can be a fun way to distract yourself and get excited about something new. While Netflix and Hulu are great, I like watching a show that is currently on tv, so I have a routine that gives my life the tiniest bit of structure. Good shows include: Brooklyn 99, The Office, Emergence and many more…

  1. Feel clean 

While this new life of always staying at home is nice for a while, it can get tiresome and you can feel trapped. I have found lately that if I have my normal routine in the morning I feel a lot better (even though staying in pjs all day is sometimes fun!) When I get up, I try to get dressed in something comfortable, do a little bit of makeup (I usually stick to light powder and some lip balm) and brushing my hair helps me feel ready for my day. It also makes me feel a little bit better about people seeing me on conference calls!

  1. Try to get outside

Just because we can’t go to public places doesn’t mean we can’t go outside. Trying to get outside is a great way to exercise and have fun. Taking walks is a great way to stay fit and see people. Make sure you’re social distancing though! Even if it is reading a book or doing a little school work outside, getting some fresh air can help with cabin fever. 

I hope some of these things help. Make sure that no matter what you do, you and your family stays safe and healthy during this time. For those of you who are working in jobs outside the house and healthcare workers, we thank you and we appreciate everything you’re doing! Just remember, this time is stressful and the number one thing to focus on is your health and happiness. This is not a productivity contest, and no matter what you do, you’re doing great. Have a wonderful week!