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Tea, Tea, Tea, and more Tea

Since I started college, I heavily identified as a coffee person over a tea person. This has changed in the last week, although I still drink coffee religiously -- I just can’t drink it 24/7 or I will actually explode (seriously, after more than two cups of coffee my hands start to shake from the extra caffeine). 


Now if you’re like the Gilmore Girls in the sense that you can drink as much coffee as you want whenever you want and still be okay, then this will be completely irrelevant to you. But I’m assuming that you’re like me, and that you have to cut your caffeine intake off at some point. Drinking warm beverages creates an aesthetic of coziness for me: fuzzy socks, comfy sweatpants, big sweatshirts, with a blanket curled up on the couch. And so, since I can’t continuously drink coffee, I’ve started drinking tea! There’s a few reasons how this came to be (and how you can become a tea person too).


Cold Weather

Cold weather is a great reason to drink tea! As the weather has drastically gotten colder this past week and my roommates and I haven’t turned our heat on yet, we’ve been bundling up in our house, and drinking tea to keep ourselves warm. 


Cool Roommates

I have three other roommates, so there’s four of us total. And only two of us drink coffee. Which means that there were already tea drinkers in the house (and the other coffee drinker is an avid tea drinker as well anyways). So I would see my roommates drinking tea, and honestly, I thought it was really cool. And I wanted to be like them, and so I started drinking tea too (peer pressure woo!). 


Yummy Flavors

The real trick though to enjoy drinking tea is to find a flavor you like. When it comes to tea, I like sweeter flavors, so I look for fruity flavors. I’ve found about three different flavors that I like and continuously cycle through those. Flavors you like are key, because otherwise, you’re not going to enjoy it, and then what’s the point? 

If these reasons haven’t convinced you in the slightest to try to become a tea drinker, I’m not sure what will. And if it’s pride of being a coffee person over a tea person, then please, please, throw it out the window. There’s no reason to be an “either/or” type. We can be “both” types. So go enjoy your coffee and your tea!

Ally Gall

Hamline '21

I study creative writing and sociology at Hamline University. Lover of puzzles, books, being outdoors, cooking, and coffee.
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