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Are you the type of person who needs sound in order to study well? Me too. It’s hard to study well when there is complete silence, it makes me more susceptible to distractions! So what are the options and what will be best for you? Here are some of my favorites or were some of my top study playlists so far!


  1. Movie/TV Scores

  • These are the best for the people who want to listen to some background music and music that will pump you up but get distracted by words. This is also a good option for those who like instrumental but prefer something other than classical music. Besides, who doesn’t want to do their homework to the soundtrack for The Avengers?

  1. Lo-Fi Study Music 

  • If you’ve been on YouTube and seen the illustration of the girl at her desk studying you already know what I’m talking about. Lo-Fi is a type of music that is described as the “imperfections” of other musical scores. But their chill but also upbeat music provides a nice and warm environment, and it is even better with a few candles burning! This is also a nice option because there are many YouTube livestream options that will keep it going without ads for a few hours. 

  1. Disney Music

    • If you’re not distracted by words then this could be the perfect option for you! Disney is a good option for a feel good background environment. If I’m not doing heavy work where I need to concentrate a whole lot, this option is really nice to keep me on track without being distracted too much. 

  2. Acoustic Pop

    • This is one of my favorite options because it takes the music I want to listen to and slows it down where it is much less distracting. There are a lot of covers that are available in pre-made playlists on Spotify or can be found on YouTube from independent artists! Sometimes you’ll find acoustic versions sung by the original artists which Is always a bonus! 

  3. Rainy Mood

    • This is my favorite option when I need to concentrate but I’m getting antsy and need something to hear. I love hearing the rain and the thunder during the spring and summer. However, in the thick of winter you don’t hear this. When I need to block out the world this is my favorite. The website also has a song of the day that pairs well with the rain sounds. 

  4. Various sound playlists

    • Do you like listening to things that aren’t music? There are many playlists that play coffee shop noises, sitting in the library, the sound of springtime, or study music that plays with sound waves. These would be perfect if you need an ambience of a specific mood or place in order to be successful. These usually don’t contain music but still provide an auditory background to help people be successful in their studies.


So what is your favorite type of study music? Do you like instrumental music or music with words? No matter what kind of music you listen to or sit there in silence, the right environment you have could make your study session more successful. Happy studying!

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