Girl At Farm

Starting a Garden!

Recently my mom and I decided that we wanted to start a vegetable garden in the backyard. We chose a garden because it seemed important to grow vegetables and it is a good summer project to keep us entertained. Unfortunately, I am not super artsy, so I can’t create things, but I figured maybe I would have fun with it. We started this past weekend and I am really excited about planting! In this article, I will tell you our process so that if you want to make one, you can.

First, we went to the hardware store to pick up a few quick things. We got things to set it up like poles and fencing, and then we got to choose some seeds. Note that even though we are doing it in the yard, you can do it in a planter or garden box if that works better. Do whatever makes you happy! When we got home, we measured and put the poles in the ground. After that, we wrapped the fencing around the poles and zip tied it. Then it was just a matter of digging. We dug everything out except for a narrow strip of grass to be able to walk and sit on while we work. Remember to think about what animals are in your area and read up on what measures you should take to make sure they don’t eat everything. In our neighborhood, deer and rabbits are really destructive, so it is important to build a fence that won’t let them jump over or slide under. 

Because of the busy weeks we’ve had, this is as far as we’ve gotten. We also have to find a way to get soil without going to the store again. It is important in the meantime that we figure out how to treat the soil so that it has all the nutrients it’s supposed to have. We got seeds that sounded good and are supposed to do a good job growing in the climate we are in. However, if you’d prefer to mix in some flowers too, that’s great! The key to growing a garden is to grow things you’re excited about. If you’re not excited about the things you’re growing, you aren’t going to want to work to make sure they grow!

I don’t honestly know how this will turn out. Maybe I won’t do it right and all my plants die or maybe, it will be an incredible source of food and entertainment. The only way for me to truly find out, is by doing it and what better time? If this sounds fun to you, please try it but if it doesn’t, it’s totally okay! Everyone has their own interests, the main thing is that you stay safe and happy!