Romantic Relationships in College? Why Not?

Going to college means entering a new chapter of our life. We do not only study and experience a new environment, but we also have new relationships. These can be friendships or romantic relationships.

Should we have romantic relationships when we are college students? The answer varies.

Many people ask others, or themselves, why they should be in a relationship in college. I would say that a relationship in university will bring you many great experiences. College is stressful, there is no doubt about it. You will have a ton of problems that need to be solved: fighting with roommates, homesickness, grades, difficult time management. However, it is always nice if you know there is someone besides you and who will listen to what you say, no matter if it is important or not. You can figure out if this is true one day you are very stressed because of schoolwork. You come home, or to your dorm, call someone and tell them: “I’m tired. Can you come here?” That person will likely reply: “I’m here. Tell me your feelings.” A little cuddle conversation always helps take your mind off whatever is going on. You cannot find and feel comfortable that way with anyone else. They are there for you. They just sit down, listen, and sometimes they give you a hug to encourage you. It is the sweetest thing in life.

In addition, relationships are a chance to see how well you understand what you deserve and what your standards are for a partner. You will be surprised about your values first, and then you will realize how serious you are for the relationships you may have in the future.

I know everyone always wants to have a good appearance. But have you ever realized that you feel tired of thinking of what you should wear that day? After a long day of schoolwork, part-time jobs or partying with friends, sometimes you just want to wear your sweatpants, an old t-shirt, messy hair and a face without make-up. And you know, if you’re already in a relationship, you don’t need to look good in your partner’s eyes. The reason is that you are always beautiful to them, no matter what you wear or how you do your makeup. Believe me, you will feel more comfortable and honest.

However, I admit that being in a relationship is complicated. University is a place where you can take many chances to figure out who you are and what you will do in the future. Therefore, one of the most important things you can do is set your goals to achieve what you want during your college years. Sometimes, being in a relationship in college time can make you feel tired. Besides focusing on your own life, you are also focusing on the happiness of someone else. I have some older friends who chose to end their relationships because they realize they have many things to do for their own life instead of texting and hanging out with their partner.

The most important thing of being in a relationship is that you may feel bored. Your partner can be the person you want to share your life with them. But, day by day, the relationship that inspired and interested you at the beginning may no longer makes you excited. If this happens, you will not care about what your partner does or what their feelings are. You will meet other people who you feel more excited about and connected to. And as a result, you may decide to break up the relationship you are having to be single or to find another one.

Being in a relationship is the first step of the growing up journey. Although it has pros and cons, I would encourage you to experience it. Remember, we are young and beautiful. If we have a relationship that is not as great as our expectations, we still have time to gain enough wisdom to have a better one. Giving yourself an opportunity to fall in love, you won’t regret it.