Piper Passages described by Gilmore Girls

Piper Passages is something we all have to go through, for better or worse. Hamline's second orientation is a time of great transition that will lead, or push, you into the mayhem that is college. Like always, wherever you lead, Gilmore Girls will follow, helping you to discern the wild three days that are Piper Passages.

Moving In:

The excitement will mount...At least until your family starts to roll their eyes from how many times you tell them how excited you are. Meeting your new roommate(s) for the first time, seeing your new air conditioning-less room and planning what your wall space will look like is what gives you the energy to climb three flights of stairs with all of your stuff. This work out won't be the most tiring thing of your day though by far, but man is it worth it. Even gaining a Paris as a roommate won't damper the excitement.

Sweet goodbyes and warm welcome

You may have thought you were ready to be on your own, but as you file into Walker Field House for your first assembly of Piper Passages, you'll have to say goodbye to your family. Hugs will go around - even to your siblings. A flood of feelings will cascade over you as your family disappears from view, but don't worry, you aren't alone. New meetings are on their way as you're introduced to your First Year Seminar (FYSEM), your New Student Mentor (NSM) and to the rest of the acronyms Hamline loves to use. Your FYSEM will be with you the rest of Piper Passages. They'll help you find your way around your new surroundings.   

Icebreakers:You heard me right. Even the most antisocial people will have to join their FYSEMs and deal with three days of non-stop icebreakers. By the end of it even your NSM will give an apologetic smile as they announce the dreaded word "icebreakers".


By the third two-hour assembly, you'll wonder if there's a way to sneak out to take a nap. But those assemblies are very interesting when you give them the chance. The assemblies will range in wide topics, such as campus safety, sexual assault, alcohol and diversity. Guest speakers will make the experience enjoyable and informational with their humorous anecdotes that add a personal touch.    


These New Student Mentors are your Lorelai of Hamline. Throughout your overwhelming schedule of 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. during Piper Passages, and after, they are there to help. They will make sure you get to everywhere you need to be, show you around campus and answer all of your questions. If any problems arise they can help you in any way.    


Dragging your feet after the first day, you flop into bed. The room is the quietest place you've been all day. Even though you're so tired you can barely keep your eyes open, you start to think about home and how you wish you could talk about the day with your family. Tears start to well up as other students storm back into the dorm, causing overwhelming noises to emit from the hallway. Sleep escapes you as you miss your old bed. It's okay, home is just a phone call away and soon you'll be calling Hamline home.


By day three of barely sleeping and the end of Piper Passages in sight, you'll start to wish for classes to start just to get onto an easier schedule. Oh my poor friend, soon you'll want back to the carefree days of Piper Passages, but the next four years will help you gain experience and meet new people you can never dream of during orientation.  

School spirit:

Even Luke would get into the Hamline spirit after Piper Passages. You'll learn the Piper clap, gain Hamline gear and become convinced that Hamline is better than any college around. The Piper Mascot may look like it could actually drown a couple of children like the old fable, but you'll still become pumped for your first sports event when the Piper comes out onto the field.

Reality setting in:

Orientation will end and reality will hit as classes start. Books will have to be opened, long lectures will start and soon midterms will take over. Every day will be taken at one step at a time, but Piper Passages is your first step to acclimate you into the terrifying, but exciting life of college.


Congratulations, you are now a Hamline Piper! You have survived your Piper Passages and hopefully you're no worse for the wear. Piper Passages will only be three days in your four year career at Hamline, but during those days you'll gain the information and the resources you need to make it through.