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On Tuesday, December 3rd, I went to the Bob Ross painting event held by the Hamline University Programming Board. The idea was pretty simple—to paint together along with a Bob Ross video. It was a nice, laid-back event that was a much needed break from the hustle and bustle of finals. It was a throwdown event for the first year seminars which made it a hit with freshmen, but there were many people from different years as well. I always love going to creative events that are not something that people get to do every day. 

First let’s get one thing out of the way… I have not ever considered, and will not ever, consider myself a good painter. It is for this reason that I was a little skeptical about whether I would enjoy it. I am happy to report that despite my initial stress about whether this event was going to be a good idea for me, it was really fun and I ended up with a painting that I actually don’t hate. It’s pretty cute in my opinion!​
 My winter themed Bob Ross painting. Photo taken by Evelyn Harrison.

As you can probably tell, it’s not exactly the same as a classic Bob Ross work. I got the background colors done and I was feeling pretty confident, but as soon as he started with the mountains, it was panic time. Instead, I decided to make some trees and keep it simple. 

It was so fun to participate in this event and get to see what each person’s creation looked like at the end. I am looking forward to gifting this painting to my mom for Christmas. If you enjoy free and fun events to meet people, I would strongly recommend future events put on by the Hamline University Programming Board. Future ones include the End of the Semester Party on December 14th from 1-4pm. Happy Holidays!

Hi! My name is Evelyn and I am studying psychology and sociology.
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