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How to Stay Safe While Walking Around Campus



Many students and staff would consider Hamline to be a safe school. However, with everything from the emergence of the Piper Swiper to the shootings at Super America, it’s best to remember to stay safe walking around, especially if you’re alone. Here are some tips to help you do so.

Walk in groups:

Sometimes you can’t help being alone, but if you can, try to walk in groups of two or more people. Everyone knows that there’s safety in numbers, and you’re less likely to be targeted if there’s several of you. This also provides a buddy system, ensuring that no one gets lost and that there’s at least one person who would know what to do in an emergency.

Stay focused:

Lost, distracted looking students are easy targets for robberies or muggings. Stay alert and walk with a purpose; give a sense to everyone around you that you know what you’re doing and where you are, even if you don’t.

Have your key ready:

If you’re going to your car or dorm, have you key accessible. This makes for a quick and easy entrance into where you’re going. Keys also make for great sharp objects and can be held in front of you to warn off attackers.

Know your destination:

No matter what, stay calm and focused even if you get lost. Try to avoid getting lost by planning out your course and destination before you even go outside. If a friend asked you to walk over to her place, do you know where that is? If you’re like me, you want to spend as little time as possible in the cold anyway, so it helps to take the shortest possible route to where you’re going.

Have your phone at the ready:

Save important numbers in your phone. Besides 911, you should also know who to call as a backup, such as Safety and Security*, or a trusted friend or family member. Keep your phone charged and in an accessible place so that you can efficiently call for help if you need to.

Don’t assist followers:

First of all, if you see that someone is following you on campus, do not hesitate to call the police or safety and security immediately. Additionally, do not let anyone into buildings after you if you do not know who they are. If they live in the dorm you’re in, then they will be fine letting themselves in. There should be no reason to wait and let someone in behind you at night if they are not someone you know.

As always, if any serious emergency happens, call 911. If you are scared of walking back to your dorm at night, call Safety and Security to escort you back to your building. Stay safe Pipers!

*Safety and Security’s number is (651)-523-2100


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