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How to Prepare for Registration

Registration for the upcoming spring semester is quickly approaching. It seems like only yesterday we started the fall semester! Registration begins on November 12th for students with senior standing, 13th for junior standing, 14th for sophomore standing, and 15th for first-years. Here are some helpful tips that will help you feel prepared for when the time comes.

Meet with your advisor

Most of the time, this is a requirement. Your advisor is the only person that has your pin, so most professors will want to see you in person to give it to you. Advisors can help you plan your schedule, graduation plan and other opportunities. If you’re a first-year and you feel like your advisor can’t answer all of your questions, you can meet with Academic Advising as well to chat with someone about your classes.

Write down your pin in several places

Speaking of your registration pin, you really don’t want to lose that number. I only had my pin on a little slip of paper my first year, and ended up losing it somewhere. Long story short, I had to email my advisor and couldn’t register until later in the day. Do yourself a favor and write it down multiple times or save it in your phone.

Make a list of the classes you want

To make the online registration go smoothly, you’ll want to write down all of the classes you plan on registering for, including some backups in case they fill (this is common for first-years). On Piperline, the only information you need to enter is the CRN, so make sure you know this number for each of the courses. When it comes time to register, just type all of your CRN’s in at once.

Check your hold status

It’s super stressful to get to your registration day just to find out you have a hold and can’t register. Double check if you have any holds (and your exact registration time) on Piperline under Student Services–>Registration–>Check Your Registration Status. If you have an immunizations hold, you can enter those on Piperline or submit them to Health Services. If you have a financial hold, you can talk to someone at Student Services to get it lifted.

Just remember to wake up early and give your laptop a few minutes to get set up. Once you’re done you’ll feel relieved, so help yourself by being prepared and ready to go next week.

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