How to Halloween as a College Student

Halloween is almost here. I repeat, Halloween is almost here. Do you feel it? Okay, I’ll admit, it seems like the Halloween spirit threatens to dwindle away with each passing year, and being a busy college student is one of those threats. But, fear not my friend, just read on to discover quick and easy last minute Halloween ideas to get in the spooky spirit before it’s gone.

1. Plan a Halloween Movie Night

This is literally the easiest way to do something Halloween-like. Try to dedicate one day each week this month (there's not many left!); Fridays usually work for most people. Plan ahead so life doesn’t surprise you (no room for life in this Halloween business!) and get together with friends to watch classic horror/Halloween movies. You’ll be taking a break from your busy college life while getting in the Halloween spirit at the same time—no combination like it!

2. Research Halloween-themed Events Around the City

Jump on Facebook and take a look at what spooky events are going on around the city (i.e. haunted houses or a pumpkin-lit walk at the Minnesota Zoo). Halloween is officially your excuse to explore what our city has to offer (just do your research and be safe).

3. Add a touch of Halloween to your look

Think Halloween, be Halloween. You don’t have to wait until the last day of this month to start slowly incorporating Halloween costumes into your daily look.

The key is to keep it subtle—wear ghost-shaped earrings, add a pumpkin keychain to your backpack or wear bolder-than-usual cat eye makeup. You have the perfect excuse to step out of your comfort zone and try bolder, newer things without having to worry about people judging you.

4. Eat Spooky Treats

Make some ghost-shaped cookies, or simply buy some at your closest grocery store. You can’t deny it—a festive-shaped cookie is better than a round one any day, so don’t deny yourself that happiness.

5. Carve a Pumpkin

This is the most important part. I don’t care how old we are, there is no Halloween without pumpkin-carving. Attend Hamline’s very own pumpkin-carving event on October 29th, or pick up your very own pumpkin at your nearest Aldi as an excuse to get artsy. It’s a classic Halloween activity, provides stress relief, and exercises your brain. Unleash your inner child and be proud of it!

Something about the month of October always brings great thrills and chills. Don’t let it slip by you this season; Show life who’s boss and find a way to manage your college and adult responsibilities while enjoying this one-of-a-kind season. Happy Halloween from HC!