How To End The Semester Strong

With spring break gone, finals can seem like they are looming into reality. About a month is left and crunch time is starting. There is no reason to stress though, there are ways to end the semester strong and avoid burning yourself out during the last weeks of school.


Final projects and last assignments will be coming up and you won’t want to be caught unaware. Schedule out your work so you can work ahead if need be, or spread out assignments so you don’t have to do five projects all in one day. The last days of the semester are peak procrastination time. Why not schedule ahead and do projects when you have some motivation left?

Set Reasonable Goals:

I saw in one of my classes someone had a Word document open and it had a list of goals, such as go to 100 percent of workouts and find an internship. The idea seemed simple and something that I never thought about. I always have goals in my head, but seeing someone's goals written out make me realize that doing so makes them more attainable. It was a checklist, something that could be changed, but also set in stone. It was a motivation. Goals should be reasonable and personal. In some classes, I tell myself as long as I get a B I’m happy. Some classes won’t be A classes. That’s okay. It doesn’t mean you won’t try your best, but reasonable goals will put you in the mindset of not stressing or burning yourself out. Goals can also change. A Word doc isn’t meant to be permanent, it’s meant to be visible. Keeping your goals in your mind can feel like caging them, which can just lead to more stress, so be careful.

No Countdowns

Knowing exactly how many days until the semester will end can be exciting for some, but for me it leads to stress and panic. Knowing there is only a month left can cause me to go into overdrive and think I’m behind on every assignment. I start to believe I can’t take any breaks and will wear myself out. Countdowns aren’t scheduling. They are ways to either trick the body into believing there is plenty of time, or that the end is soon. I find if I think the end is near, I will give up on doing anything. It’s as if I think: If the year is almost over, then there’s no hope in getting anything done. That is why for me, countdowns aren’t healthy, not unless you are secure in your scheduling. So my suggestion is to stay in the moment. Take each day as it is and you’ll find that you aren’t stressing prematurely about projects or goals. 

Take Breaks

Don’t be afraid to do non school related things. It’s okay to take a break! Reward yourself for completing goals and going through your schedule. The days are getting warmer and locking yourself inside won’t help with procrastination. Take a walk outside. Don’t work longer than an hour on each subject without a break, especially if it’s studying for a test. Cramming can lead to stress as well. Treat yourself. You deserve it!

The end of a semester and finals can be stressful, but with a bit of scheduling, working on goals and giving yourself breaks, you can end it strong and with minimal stress.