How to Battle Winter Skin Dryness

January marks the heart of cold, dry winter. As pretty as snow is, the constant crisp air is a constant struggle for the our skin. Then, we go inside and the dry air of indoor heating puts even more strain on our skin. Even my oily self gets dry and crusty in the unwavering cold, but some special winter skincare for your face and body can help counteract all that whistling wind— and help that skin!

Add More Hydrating Steps

Most skin-care routines already have a moisturizer, but with the winter cold, it can help to either upgrade your moisturizer to a thicker, more hydrating product or to add in additional products that can supply that much-needed moisture to your skin.

Replacing Stripping Steps

Some of the steps that might be okay in the warmer months might be too stripping as skin gets drier. Consider a gentler or more oily first wash to remove makeup. Personally, I love a basic coconut oil to break down makeup as a first step as it doesn’t remove any of my skin’s natural oils and it breaks down all the makeup I love to pack on. Then, make sure the cleanser you’re using to wash your face isn’t too foamy or aggressive.

Cool Down Your Water

As nice as it feels in the chilly evening to splash hot water everywhere, it’s stripping for the skin. Try to wash with a true lukewarm temperature to be as gentle as possible.

Soak Up Moisture

While baths can sometimes do more harm than good as hot water is actually quite stripping for the natural oils of skin, a special bath cocktail can make that soak a big drink of water for your entire body.

One of the best ways to make that bath more moisturizing is with fatty milk. Whatever you can get your hands on, focus on getting the highest fat content so aim even for heavy cream if you can swing it. Add honey and oils (like baby oil or coconut oil) to add to the moisturizing effects.


Take Time for Your Skin

The only way to hydrate your skin is to take the time for it, and I don’t mean just your face. Especially after that bath, take the time to cover your entire body in your moisturizer of choice. If you’re lazy and impatient, try a body oil instead of a lotion. The thinner texture will spread quicker to reach all those dry patches.


Focus on your driest spots when hydrating like elbows, knees, heels, and knuckles; and if they are especially dry, try using a thicker balm that can provide some intense protection overnight like Aquaphor.


Spread Your Routine Out

One of the saddest truths is that so much of our skin care ends up rubbing off on our pillowcases. To avoid just wiping all your extra moisturizers off, try starting your skin care routine earlier. Wash your face and apply toner as early in the night as you can. Then, in between each of your moisturizing steps, give time for your skin to absorb the products while you do something else. Then, by the end of the night, you’ll be getting into bed with those products already in the skin.


Mask That Dryness

Sheet masks can be a lifesaver when you’re really dry because the structure of the mask holds the serum against the skin as it absorbs. Personally, the Neutrogena HydroBoost Mask is a personal, and affordable, favorite. I ignore the instructions on this mask and leave it on until all of the gel has been absorbed into my skin and it feels like a drink of water.


Protect Your Skin Before Going Out

Besides your night time routine, protect the skin from the cold when you do go out. Don’t skip the morning moisturizer or lip balm. Even try upgrading your lip balm to be thicker to act as a barrier from the cold air.


Personally, the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask is amazing to me. I use it constantly, not just before bed. On a budget, basic Aquaphor can be an awesome lip balm, and a tiny bit will do! Too much Aquaphor can be a real (and gross) mess.


In the end, a little more time for yourself it the ultimate way to combat dryness. Explore different techniques and add in what works best for your skin and your self-care routine. If nothing else, take this as an excuse to run a bath and put on a sheet mask— your skin will thank you.