A Hamline Bucket List

I’ve seen plenty of bucket lists about Hamline in my time here. Most are random things that most people will do without actively thinking about, such as “sit out in the Blue Garden,” or “study on the third floor of the library.” Also, what kind of adventures are those things anyways? I want things that will take a bit of effort. I want a challenge like it’s a video game and I’m checking off levels. That might be my competitiveness, but hey if that’s what it takes to get you to experience Hamline and the places around it, then so be it. Here is my bucket list of things that should be done before graduation.

  • Go to the Welcome Back Block Party.

  • Watch a Concert on The Lawn.

  • Go to the org fair and try and talk to/get as much free things as you can from each table.

  • Eat one of the random specialty things at the Grill that are only there for a limited time.

  • Wander through every building on campus (even the basement of Walker and places you don’t have classes).

  • Go to the poetry slam in the HUB.

  • Go to the Renaissance Festival (Hamline will give out free tickets through housing sometimes).

  • Check out anything from the Bush Library (even if it’s a movie).

  • Go to an Org event that’s offering free food.

  • Go to a professor just to rant about something that you probably could have easily ranted to your mom about.

  • Go to the Homecoming Big Bash.

  • Go to the Lip Sync Battle (The balcony has the best view).

  • Go to a game at the Allianz Field.

  • Go to an event when Hamline is offering cheap tickets to do something (whether it’s a play, or anything). 

  • Eat at Black Sea or Mirror of Korea (I personally like Mirror of Korea more).

  • Go to Matt’s Bar (It’s the home of the Juicy Lucey).

  • Go to Minnehaha Falls in the winter.

  • Show up to one event that your RA puts on.

  • Use the CDC in some way.

  • Question your entire life at least once.

Don’t feel like you have to do any of these things in order, or even the first year you’re at Hamline. Spread them out, skip a few, only do one and think the rest of the things are crazy. Don’t be afraid to go off campus, but also know that there are tons of free things to do on campus. When you graduate, you’re going to miss using your student status to get free experiences. Unless you’re like me and plan on keeping your student ID for discounts until you’re sixty and stop looking like you’re twelve. Enjoy and go on as many adventures as you can.

Remember to have fun. And don’t get too bogged down in life to do the weird, free, cheesy stuff that Hamline offers because it looks stupid. Trust me, it does look stupid, but it’s free and it’s fun and usually has free food. Which really is what college life is about.