Fun, Fall, and Free!

Ah, fall is finally here. The leaves are changing, the air is crisp and the pumpkin spice lattes are back! Fall is the best time of the year in my opinion and probably the most picturesque. But where to go and what to do? Here are some of my favorite places plus a few extras! Happy fall! 


Pine Tree Apple Orchard

Cost: Free (mostly) 

Can I get there by bus?: No

This is one of my favorite apple orchards to go to. There are so many things to do: pick pumpkins, go in a corn maze, eat apples, go on a hayride and eat in a delicious dining space. They have a bakery full of apple themed items, a small shop and a vast collection of apples to try. Admission is free as well as most activities, cost depends on what you eat and purchase. Babysitting? There’s a pony ride for the little ones too! It’s a bit of a trek so I would suggest finding a friend with a car to go with. The orchard is located in White Bear Lake and worth every second!

Fright Farm 

Cost: Free

Can I get there by bus?: No

Looking to get scared but don’t want to spend the money? HUPB is hosting an outing to the Fright Farm in White Bear Lake! RSVP online ASAP! The outing will be on October 19th at 7:00 and a bus will pick up passengers at the Bishop. Originally made to raise money for D.A.R.E., the Ramsey County sheriff's department has hosted the scare events since 1996. Too scared to go full spook? They offer a low scare night on October 27th for $6. Transportation will not be provided for this date. 

Minneapolis Institute of Art

Cost: GA free + exhibit tickets 

Can I get there by bus?: Yes, but it’s long so bring a book

Into art? History? Art history? This place is perfect for you! In my opinion it’s the best art museum that we have. Not the best looking, that title belongs to the Weisman Art Museum, but the amazing art on the inside makes up for it all! They provide self guided, group and book club tours, some of these are available only on specific days. The current traveling exhibit is about the Vietnam War through the eyes of artists in the 60’s and 70’s. The cost for this is $20.


Wabasha St. Cave Tours

Cost: $6+ (varies with tour choice)

Can I get there by bus?: It’s kinda tricky but yes!

This cave tour offers a look into the underground of St. Paul. They have all sorts of different events like swing dancing, gangster tours, and ghost tours. Most of the ghost tours occur in time for Halloween, but also every last Sunday of the month. The normal tour is six dollars for 40 minute regular tour, and a four dollar upgrade for the Lost Souls Tour, which lasts an hour. But plan carefully, they’re only open on Thursdays and weekends!

Nickelodeon Universe

Cost: $3.50-73.99

Can I get there by bus? Yes! Take the A-line to the blue line

One of the best ways to spend a cold afternoon when it’s too rainy is to go to Mall of America. A classic but a goody! Especially the amusement park, because most of us haven’t really grown out of our childhood yet! Thrill seekers can find their highs with the Spongebob:Rock Bottom Plunge, and casual rides can ride the Pepsi Orange Streak for a smaller thrill.  Tickets can be expensive, but planning ahead can save you some money. All rides cost points, find your favorite rides and plan which ones to try. This way you only pay for the rides you want. 

History Museum 

Cost: $10 (bring your student ID) 

Can I get there by bus?: Yes!

Are you a history buff? This museum, is the perfect place for you. Mainly focusing on Minnesota history, their preeminent exhibits include great Minnesota weather, the greatest generation and an exhibit exploring Minnesota's farming history. Trust me, they’re much more exciting than they sound. The weather room has a tornado simulation and the greatest generation has an eerie replica of a plane being shot, as well as a faux bison where you can take it’s guts apart! Their traveling exhibits are currently an exhibit featuring our most famous celebrity, Prince, and an exhibit about the night club First Avenue. In need of research? There's a library that is connected to the museum which is open to the public! 

Are any of these places your favorites too? The Nickelodeon Universe is one of my favorites, but for us OG Minnesotans, it will always and forever be Camp Snoopy. Any of these places are a great way to get your mind off school stress for a while, besides midterms are around the corner providing a great excuse to get away! Grab your jackets, a warm apple cider and get to exploring! Remember to always be safe and when in doubt use the buddy system!