Fall Fashion with Falling Funds: Thrift Shopping for 5 Cheap Necessities In Your Fall Outfit

Being a college student, funds are already tight. Only two months into school can do some serious damage to our wallets. It’s almost impossible to maintain your style while maintaining your bank account!

Thrift stores can be a great way to save money and get creative. Fashion trends are constantly repeating the past. From denim jumpers and mom jeans to crop tops and oversized sweaters, no style is ever out of style at a Thrift Store. Thrift stores can be the perfect place to buy cheap accessories which will make your style this fall. Here are five easy items found in thrift stores that you should be getting your hands on this season:

  1. Oversized sweaters:

You will find an abundance of old sweaters in every thrift store. All of those old 80’s sweatshirts your parents had to get rid of are now waiting to be repurposed! Even grandma’s old tan sweater she thought was completely out of style would make for the perfect fall outfit. Buy a size too big, pair it with neutral tight jeans or leggings and your favorite pair of fall boots, and you now have the perfect fall outfit. Add a scarf for good measure, or to switch up the style, layer with a large jean jacket. This look is so simple to put together, and can be easily adjusted to appear like a brand new outfit each time by simply layering or changing accessories!

2. Scarves:


Every thrift store has scarves upon scarves upon scarves from every era imaginable. Considering their versatility, they are extremely cheap in thrift stores. Switching out scarves can drastically change the appearance of any outfit, as well as keep you warm during the dropping temperatures!

3. Denim jeans from any era:

High-waisted, cropped and flares are all being repeated in our current fashion trends. These jeans are continuously found in thrift shops because people who wore them in their prime believe  they are dead to the fashion world. Jeans can be one of the biggest gems in these stores because they come at such a discounted price, and they are  so valuable and necessary for  our wardrobes! Find the correct size and your thrift shop jeans can be the perfect aspect of your everyday fits. This fall, jeans are seen paired with large sweaters as mentioned above, as well as solid, neutral shirts and a statement jacket. 

4. Cheap handbags from the past:

Every college student needs a cute fashionable bag for class, and a few fun hand bags for going out. Thrift stores can contain every unique bag possible, such as old satchels waiting to be repurposed, or 90’s purses that, with the right outfit, you can totally rock. This fall, neutral bags are dominating the fashion world for everyday fall outfits. The more rustic looking, the better, which is exactly what thrift stores have to offer. Pair a cute, old bag found at your local thrift store with the above necessities mentioned and you will have a complete fall look.

5. Vintage Jackets:

Denim jackets are a must this fall. They have been in style for awhile, and show no signs of leaving. With some luck you will find a denim jacket with an extra rip or two, maybe even patches to stand out in a crowd. Pair your unique thrift shop denim with any sweater, favorite concert tee or even a fall dress.  Buy one over-sized or cropped to make the perfect fall outfit this season.

Thrift Stores have the perfect, unique everyday essentials for this season. Go digging at your local thrift store today and see what fall gems you can find!