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The Guthrie Theatre is a Twin Cities staple. Since 1963, their mission has been to create a transformative space where the community can explore both classic and contemporary plays. The Guthrie hopes to stir hearts and minds by drawing light to our common humanity. With several theatres, they are able to put on several different types of shows that explore a wide variety of topics, especially inclusion, diversity and community, all executed with artistic excellence. The Guthrie is able to employ many talented artists who work as lighting designers, costume designers and set designers. This summer, the Guthrie is putting on some exciting shows! Some tickets are available soon, so check these shows out and get your tickets early to support local art this summer.

The first play will be ending soon, so get your tickets! It’s called Cyrano de Bergerac by Edmond Rostand. The play follows an intelligent poet, playwright and swordsman named Cyrano de Bergerac. Though he’s the complete package, his grotesquely large nose is the only thing preventing him from expressing his love to Roxanne, his crush. Roxanne, however, reveals that she is in love with another dashingly handsome man named Christian. Cyrano takes Christian under his wing, teaching him to be smart as well as good-looking. Through this process, Cyrano is able to reveal his feelings for Roxanne. The play unfolds with wit, comedy and passion. Cyrano de Bergerac inspired a 1987 film titled Roxanne. Tickets at the Guthrie range from $29-$78, and it runs until May 5, 2019.

Photo: Guthrie Theatre

Written and directed by Tony Award-winning playwright Mary Zimmerman, Metamorphoses is based on the myths of Ovid. You won’t want to miss this visually stunning masterpiece! The play was recognized by Time as the “theatre event of the year.” The play is performed around a large pool of water, which is just one of the elements where Zimmerman has combined the contemporary and ancient together to create a beautiful and impactful performance that tells stories of transformation. Ticket prices range from $29-$78, but there are preview performance tickets for only $15 for April 13 – 17. These tickets go quickly, so hurry! This show is scheduled to perform from April 13 – May 19.

Photo: Guthrie Theatre​

Guys and Dolls is based on a story by Damon Runyon, and the lyrics and music were composed by Frank Loesser. This famous musical comedy follows a New York City gambler named Nathan Detroit, who must prepare for the most important craps game of his life, while his fiancee anxiously awaits a wedding. Meanwhile, an uptight missionary named Sarah Brown is charmed by Sky Masterson, another expert gambler. This musical is known for its colorful characters, exciting musical score, and its fun plotline following the gamblers. Tickets are $34-$93, but this show also has a preview available from June 22-27, where tickets are only $15! Get these tickets before they run out! Guys and Dolls will run from June 22 – August 25, and it’s a fun show you won’t want to miss!Photo: Guthrie Theatre

Lastly, Floyd’s was written by two-time Pulitzer Prize winner Lynn Nottage and is directed by Kate Whoriskey. This insightful and sharp new comedy was commissioned by the Guthrie to provide astonishing wit. Floyd’s centers around a truck stop sandwich shop named after the owner, Floyd, who is quite gruff. Floyd’s is more than a truck stop, though. It serves as a beginning step and last hope for ex-con employees. An interesting group of cooks works together to figure out the nuanced art of making a perfect sandwich. Ticket prices for Floyd’s range from $29-$78, and the preview $15 tickets are for July 27 – August 1. The play will run from July 27 – August 31. Check out this comedic masterpiece while you can!

Photo: Guthrie Theatre

Get your tickets now for an amazing opportunity to experience theatre right here in the Twin Cities! The Guthrie has a strong mission and impact in the community, and they do a wonderful job of creating meaningful art and bringing communities together through it. If you’re looking for a fun way to add some excitement to your summer, go see these powerful shows.

Bonus: The shows above are on the Guthrie’s main stage, but there are a couple other shows you might like to check out! Tickets for The Glass Menagerie go on sale on July 15, and the show will run September 14 – October 26. This play is a beautiful interpretation that explores family and disability. Additionally, Steel Magnolias will run from October 26 – December 15, and tickets for that will also go on sale on July 15. Keep on the lookout for these tickets if you are interested in these amazing plays!

Emma Harrington is a first year at Hamline University studying English and Creative Writing. Besides writing, she enjoys singing in the A Capella Choir, dancing, running, and being outdoors.
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