The Dish on All-You-Can-Eat Donuts

Brunch is already the best thing to happen to weekends since someone figured out that champagne + orange juice and avocado + sourdough is the perfect equation to bring Instagram-ready millennials swarming through the doors, but Saturdays took on a whole new level of awesome when Cardigan Donuts, skyway staple for raised bites of heaven, kicked off a summer, all-you-can-eat donut brunch.

Cardigan Donuts opened its door in May of 2017 and since then they’ve only been getting more and more chatter about their gorgeous specialty donuts and their delectable classics.

A delicious happy birthday. Photo by Franki Hanke.

The skyway spot was opened by Justin Bedform and Jeff Bull after Bedford ditched the corporate world to open something he just couldn’t find: a doughnut shop, according to Eric Best for The Journal.

“Our whole operation was made specifically for everyone I’ve met downtown over the years. Cardigan’s space is warm and welcoming — perfect for networking or taking a break to catch up with a friend.”

As a big fan of Cardigan, I can confirm that their space is cozy and familiar, even on the first visit; but for those that don’t work in the skyway, it can be a pain to get to and find parking by!

For summer 2018, Cardigan Donuts kicked off a special Saturday experience in all-you-can-eat donuts, which for someone who relocates all summer, I was devastated, but the brunch has since been announced to continue into Autumn.

So, on Saturdays from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm, Cardigan Donuts will still be slinging their classic, premium, and inspired creations in by the piece and all-you-can-eat style, but the brunch might not be the best way to enjoy.

With a price tag of $10.95 and some new enforcement of rules, the brunch experience now stipulates that you can sample as many donuts as you’d like, but they can’t be boxed up. They have to be enjoyed in store.

With the fanciest and most unique treats in the case going for a maximum of $5 and most under $4, a visitor will have to eat a minimum of three inspired donuts to break even.

Their inspired donuts are edible works of art, which are exciting to sample, but what is on the menu changes constantly. Check their online schedule to pick out the day with the flavors that excite you most like Vanilla Blossom which is topped with a sugared flower, or Lemon Meringue Bar with fluffy, charred meringue on top and a candied lemon slice in the center. Whichever day you go, they’ll have something exciting to try out, but if you’re going for maximum donuts, make sure that it’s something you’ll like.

However, if you’re interested in any of their classics, which are under $2, then you’ll have to eat even more to match value with the all-you-can-eat price tag, which in one sitting is a lot of dough and sugar. Their classic old-fashioned is arguably the best donut in the case on any given day with a soft texture and faintly crunched edges. While I could eat five of them in one sitting, I might regret it after!

Simple can still be sensational. Photo by Franki Hanke. 

While it’s an experience for sure, the brunch might be even more than I can chew.