Christmas Gift Ideas for College Students

College is the sad point in one’s life in which gift wishes evolve from desires to necessities. College students appreciate anything and everything that is FREE. That’s right, whatever they do not need to spend their few, hard earned bucks on would be greatly appreciated. Help out a fellow college student and give them one of these seemingly trivial yet completely necessary Christmas gifts this season:

Gift Cards… especially for target:

Gift cards are the most helpful gift to give this season. Gift cards for clothing stores, restaurants and most importantly target will make your fellow college student ecstatic!



Food, food and more food:

Food is love. Love your college student this season by providing them with a snack survival kit, boxed food stock or comfort food package. Pizza gift cards would be appreciated as well.




Makeup, deodorant, perfume, soaps and more all add up quickly. After a few months of living on their own, college students are usually in need of a new round of supplies. This season provide a box of their favorite soaps, perfumes or preferred makeup and keep them from spending money on new yet necessary items such as these!



Somehow, socks always go missing at college. No one knows  how this phenomenon occurs, although every college student could always use some nice, new socks. Fuzzy socks, no show socks or ankle length socks… ask your college student what type they prefer and stock up!


Netflix subscription:

This is the kindest gift of all, an unlimited stress reliever/distraction mechanism. Netflix serves as the perfect way to destress and take a break from homework. Buying your college student a Netflix subscription is thoughtful, handy and economical.



Go out and buy your fellow college student one of these Christmas gifts today!