Ask a Guy: Interviews on Makeup

Is your boyfriend completely clueless when it comes to makeup? Do your guy friends feel completely lost when the topic of makeup comes up? Does your grandpa even know what makeup is? Here are some hilarious answers from three different men who were brave enough to be interviewed about makeup.

Q: How old are you?

Man 1: 19

Man 2: 20

Man 3: 49

Q: Are you in a relationship, and if so for how long have you been in your current relationship?

Man 1:Yes, A year and a half.

Man 2: Yes, 6 months.

Man 3: Yes, 30 years.

Q: How often does your SO wear makeup?

Man 1: Almost every day to a certain degree.

Man 2:  Like pretty much every day.

Man 3: (Laughs) I would say like pretty much almost every day. 98 percent of the days of the year. I don’t know, but she’s beautiful without it.

Q: How do you feel about the use of makeup?

Man 1: It’s fine in moderation I suppose.

Man 2: It’s over-used.

Man 3: Hmm. I think, um, people spend too much money on it, is what I think.

Q: What is a beauty blender?

Man 1: Little sponge thing people use for contouring.

Man 2: What the #$%&  is a beauty blender?

Man 3: What is a what? Ummmm… (Laughs) A beauty blender. Oh boy. I’m not really sure. I suppose its when you put the wrong contour on.”

Q: What is contouring?

Man 1:  Shading of the skin?

Man 2: I don’t know. That %#$& you put on your face?

Man 3: I really don’t know.

Q: What is highlighter?

Man 1:  To like enhance or whatever.

Man 2: Highlighter? Like a highlighter for marking stuff? Is it for your eyebrows?

Man 3: Highlighter? Ummm Isn’t that to like accent your cheek bones? I don’t know.

Q: What is winged eyeliner?

Man 1: Winging your eyeliner?

Man 2: Just the stuff you put at the end of your eyes.

Man 3: Winged eye liner. I have no idea.  

Q: What is primer?

Man 1:  Primer is for foundation stuff.

Man 2:  Like primer for a car? I don’t know.

Man 3: The primer? Um, I think it’s stuff you put underneath your makeup, like paint primer?

Q: How does a lip plumper work?

Man 1:  Lip plumping? Sounds dumb.

Man 2:  What the %#$&  is a limp plumper? Like Kylie Jenner?

Man 3: “A what? A lift plumper? Ohh, it accents your lips.

Here you have it. The adorable, yet mostly clueless answers regarding makeup from the average guy.  Go ahead, ask the men in your life these questions and have some free entertainment!