Amazon Gift Ideas

Amazon has fantastic gift ideas for any occasion! With countless cheap gift ideas, you can’t go wrong. Keeping within your budget, amazon has everything you could possibly need! 


Terrariums make adorable gifts! Great for any room of the house, these gifts will cheer up anyone. Decorate with succulents or candles and make the perfect housewarming gift. Personally, I found that buying bundled terrariums from Amazon was an inexpensive and easy way to decorate my bedroom. 


Amazon is an amazing place to get cheap books, especially if buying used books. They have every book imaginable - even textbooks! They also rent books for students who are looking for a better deal! Everyone loves a good book for a present, and you can not go wrong with a thoughtful, readable gift.

Art supplies:

Art supplies are such an easy, thoughtful gift for more creative loved ones! Skip running to Michaels, and quickly order a brand new set of coloring utensils from Amazon instead. For those friends and family members who are always looking to feed their creative side, any new art supplies from Amazon will let them know that they are cared about!  

Plant seeds:

For friends with a green thumb, try cheap seeds from Amazon. On Amazon they come in large packs with an abundance of different seeds. Try finding a cute little pot and add some seeds to your purchase! How cute is a gift your loved one can grow and think of you daily? Whatever your next purchase is on Amazon, add on a pack of seeds and enjoy! 

Diffuser/essential oils:

If your friend or family member does not yet have a diffuser, get them one! Only $16.95 on Amazon, this is a budget friendly, helpful gift for all. Essential oils are also reasonably priced on Amazon, and buying a personalized oil set would be the perfect gift! Essential oil diffusers are a fantastic way to keep a room smelling fresh or help you fall asleep. These greatly priced gifts would be especially beneficial to any college student who likes their space nice and clean!

Amazon Prime is also an option. It gives you free two day shipping, streaming of movies, tv shows and music and exclusive shopping deals. Students receive a free six month trial, which would include all of the above! Giving is the greatest gift of all, so get on Amazon and get to giving.