10 Things to Think About For Post-Grad Life

Attention Juniors and Seniors! (And Sophomores… even Freshmen, too!) It’s never too early to start planning your life. Regardless of what year you’re currently in, starting to create your post-graduation plan will only help you get there. Tune your outlook for this next amazing stage in life by considering the following suggestions:

1. Plan your Graduation Celebration...:

...as a treat to yourself. It doesn’t have to be a big party/event—it may be something as simple as getting graduation photos taken in your cap and gown, getting a fresh haircut, buying yourself a new computer, or making plans to ask your crush out on a date (hey, what do you have to lose anyway?!). Just make sure that whatever you do, you do it  for yourself. You deserve it!

2. Picture Your Life The Way You Want It:

Many say that you have to see something in order to believe it. With that in mind, if you picture your post-grad life positively in your mind, you will have a greater confidence in yourself to get there. So take a moment to picture what you’ll be doing right after graduation... Are you signing a lease for your first apartment? Interviewing with your dream company? Moving back home to unwind and plan? Jumping on a plane to New York? Getting ready for grad school? Getting in shape? Getting a sassy new bold haircut? The possibilities are endless, and the possibilities  are all yours… All you have to do is believe it.

3. Get Excited:

Make a list of what you’re looking forward to. No matter what you decide to do after graduation, you will have more time for yourself, and this is a great thing. What are you going to do? Get back into shape? Do some leisure reading? Catch up with old friends ? Reconnect with family? Start a new hobby?

4. Get a Credit Card:

If you haven’t already done this, get on it. Having good credit is the key to our society’s way of life. You can get college cards through your bank and start building good credit now while you don’t have too many living expenses.

5. Start Thinking About Living Arrangements:

Whether you currently live on campus, with family or on your own, graduation is often a time when this changes. If you have this opportunity for change, start thinking ahead now. For instance, if you want to get an apartment, start preparing your plan, looking for places, roommates, etc.

6. Consider Grad School:

I think every undergraduate student should at least consider the possibility of grad school. A graduate degree can be a great thing, so start your research now. See how grad school works. Go to information sessions, research programs online, talk to other graduate students and peers who are considering it.

Also, note that grad school isn’t something you need to jump right into after graduating. I don’t think enough people realize this. If you have even an inkling of interest in it, remember that as long as you keep that interest alive within you, there are ways to come back.

7. Get an Internship:

Many of you may already have this one down, but if not, don’t miss it. Getting involved in internships and networking opportunities is very important. Get in touch with people in the career field you want to work in. Also, keep your eye and mind open for interesting opportunities  that may not necessarily fit into your “major” at first. The world is a fascinating, ever-changing place, and we need people who can keep up with that change.

8. Look at the Job Market:

Yes, do it right now. It doesn’t hurt. Just spend a little bit of time looking online at the types of entry level jobs out there right now and start compiling a list of interesting companies to keep in mind as you move toward graduation. Maybe even reach out to companies and start the communication process.

9. Regulate your Sleep Schedule:

You may not realize how important this one is. Try to set a regular bedtime and wake-time. As a college student, your sleep schedule is probably not the best, and jumping into a Monday through Friday 9 to 5 (or the like) will be an adjustment no matter what. So start slowly regulating your body now, as much as you can.

10. Enjoy This Time While You Have It:

As stressful as it can get, your college life is something that you will never get back. So remind yourself every now and then that you are here, have made it this far, and will make it until the end. When walking to class, look around and take in our beautiful campus. Appreciate your time with the people you’ve met here, and reflect on the life lessons you have learned.

Graduation is one of the most important milestones in your life. Things are not going to fall together perfectly the second you walk across the stage, but planning for it now will help you get there. The key is keeping a positive outlook, a solid plan and a calm mind. Give yourself room to breathe and move into this exciting new phase of your life in ease; good things are coming your way!