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What Kind of Studier Are You?

What Kind of Studier Are You?


1. The Crammer

The Crammer tends to be a little panicked most of the time and never seems to get any sleep. She’s manically trying to get studying done for all four classes at one o’clock in the morning and always appears generally miserable while doing it. She consistently promises herself that she’ll never procrastinate and/or cram ever again. She consistently procrastinates and/or crams again. She can’t help it, it’s just the way she is.


2. The Home Sweet Home

The Home Sweet Home never leaves her room. She reads there, studies there, and also frequently eats there. People rarely see her emerge, and when she does, it’s only for class or for bathroom breaks. Her room is a study haven—good lighting, cozy blankets, and most importantly lots of good mid-studying snacks. It’s no wonder she never wants to leave.


3. The Night Owl

The Night Owl never ever seems to sleep, ever. Is she nocturnal? Is she a vampire? How does she operate on an average of three hours of sleep per night? The world may never know. She is very similar to The Crammer except for one thing: she doesn’t seem to procrastinate. The most likely explanation is that she works slowly and methodically (or just takes frequent breaks). Either way, she’s curled up with a blanket cape and a chemistry book until the wee hours of the morning. It’s not exactly a healthy habit, but it seems to work for her.


4. The Wanderer

The Wanderer studies like a waif on the wind, never settling in one spot or on one subject. One minute, she’s in the library studying biology, and the next minute she’s across campus studying French. A minute later she’s in her room with some calculus; blink and she’s in a nook of one of the academic buildings cranking out a four page lit essay. Nobody can understand how she moves so quickly (trying to keep track of her is like trying to keep track of a stray cat) or how she can keep everything straight in her head. All we know for sure is that this is her real secret of how she stays in shape all year.


5. The Habitual

The Habitual is what she sounds like: a creature of habit and the exact opposite of The Wanderer. You can find her in the same spots on the same days. She keeps to a tight schedule, finishing everything early and finishing her work at a decent hour. She always seems to have her life together, with her cute little messy bun, her filled out planner and her claimed “usual spot.” She generally sleeps more yet is more productive than the rest of us. Nobody can figure out how she does it.



Hamilton College - 2019
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