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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Hamilton chapter.

It’s that time of the year again at Hamilton-registration for spring semester classes is upon us. With the announcement of the course catalogue comes a campus-wide outbreak of the Webadvisor Worries, the sudden onset of excitement, dread, fear, and adrenaline that only class registration can bring. “Will I get into this 12-person, 300 level science class if I’m a sophomore?” “Is this higher level lit class geared towards majors?” “Help I’m a junior and I still need my last writing intensive!” If you have had any of the above thoughts, regardless of the subject, since the spring course catalogue was released, then you definitely have a case of the Webadvisor Worries. While there is not yet a cure for this stressful affliction, there is a way to treat some of the symptoms associated with it and that is to do your research and ask around, see which courses seem interesting and like they would be a good fit. If even that seems too stressful for you, you are in luck as I have done some of your research for you. Below are a list of classes recommended by current students. Take a peek and see if you can feel the Webadvisor Worries melting away.

  1. Introduction to Communication with Professor Phelan- “The content that we read and learned was incredibly deep for an introductory course”

  2. Introduction to Creative Writing- “They accepted me with open arms”

  3. Introduction to Drawing with Professor Salzillo- “One of the most enjoyable classes that I have taken at Hamilton”

  4. Adult Psychopathology with Professor McKee- “By far the most interesting course that I have ever taken at Hamilton. It’s one of the only clinical psychology classes that is offered and it does not disappoint-students learn in-depth about a variety of mental illnesses in a nurturing, open academic environment. Professor McKee is incredibly knowledgeable, passionate, and truly cares about her students”

  5. Marine Biology with Professor Coppard- “This course focuses on a subject that you don’t get to study often and is taught by such a personable professor”

  6. The Marine Environment with Professor Domack- “While this course was challenging, the infectious passion and nurturing environment that this professor fostered made me excited to go to class. Professor Domack is also incredibly caring and views each student as an individual instead of a grade”

  7. Environmental Science and Society with Professor Dash- “This class totally rocked! It was so much more than just looking at statistics, we read moving pieces about nature and even watched Planet Earth”

  8. Symbolic Logic with Professor Marcus- “He’s very passionate in his teaching”

  9. Infinity with Professor Marcus- “I loved his pedagogical approach, team based learning. In team based learning, students are assigned to teams for the semester in which they work together to brainstorm and answer thought-provoking multiple choice and open-ended questions”

  10. Real Analysis with Professor Kantrowitz- “He makes one of the hardest math classes so interesting and I find his office hours to be incredibly open and helpful”

  11. Culture and Politics of Food with Professor Sciaca- “This course is extremely interactive and is taught almost entirely through experiences, including a chocolate demonstration”

  12. Any course with Professor Sarah Walsh of the Theatre department- “Professor Walsh is really clever and engaging and truly allows students’ creativity to shine”

Emma Ritz

Hamilton '20

Emma Ritz is a Junior at Hamilton College in New York, majoring in world politics.