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Thank You

This is a thank you.

A thank you to my three roommates who fill up the emptiness in our room.

A thank you to my roommate who provided me with an endless supply of Dayquil when I got sick only two weeks into the school year.

A thank you to my other roommate who didn’t care when I borrow one Oreo, and then one more, and then just one more, last one, I swear.

A thank you to my other roommate who always tells me I look cute when it’s nine in the morning and I’m late to class and the last thing I look is cute.

A thank you to every freshman girl who’s hugged me at a party and shouted “let’s be friends!”

A thank you to that girl on the dance floor who saw the SOS in my eyes and pulled me away from that creepy guy so I could dance with her instead.

A thank you to the friendly stranger who helped me pick up my wind­-scattered papers and didn’t make me feel bad about my clumsiness.

A thank you to all the upperclassmen who aren’t too cool to wave and ask me how I’m liking college so far.

A thank you to my orientation leader who comforted me and told me that everyone feels a little bit sad at some point.

A thank you to my professor who gently helped me realize that what worked in high­school isn’t going to work here.

A thank you to the midnight walks and rainy nights that are the perfect mix of gloomy and nostalgic.

A thank you to the mocha (with a couple shots of espresso for an intense caffeine boost) that helped me get through research papers left to the last minute.

A thank you to the librarians who didn’t get annoyed when I came back one, two, three times because I still couldn’t find the books I was looking for.

A thank you to my sisters back home who asked for my help with Halloween costumes and actually taking my advice.

A thank you to my older college­-aged brother who tells me to chill, it’s not that big of a deal, at least twice a day.

A thank you to my parents who worry about me even more now that I’m away and text me making sure I’m getting enough sleep (I’m probably not).

A thank you to my friends from home who still send me silly videos at 2:00 am and make me laugh at the library when I’m working too hard.

Thank you.

Maria Orlandi is a freshman at Hamilton College interested in studying Creative Writing, Psychology and Art.
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