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Study Spot Ideas

It definitely feels like we just got back from Spring Break, so finals week probably seems like a year away for most of us Continentals. It can be difficult to return to studying and focus each afternoon when the sun is actually shining on campus. Can’t get yourself to step back into the room where you pulled four all-nighters in a row before your big paper or test last semester? Check out these study spots on campus to help you get back into the studying groove and be productive in the weeks leading up to finals.

C.J. (Emerson Gallery): Now that all the art from the Emerson has been moved into the new Wellin Museum, there’s plenty of study space on the first floor of CJ. The new study space features both big and a spall tables, ample outlets, iMacs, a printer, and easy access to the Math and Hispanic Studies classrooms of CJ. Since it’s conveniently located in the middle of campus, CJ is a great option for light and dark siders!

Your Classroom: Psychological research shows that learning something in the same place that you later have to rehearse the material is extremely beneficial for memory- that’s one of the reasons why most of the finals you take at Hamilton are in your classroom! If you have a big test or speech, preparing in your classroom can help give your grade an extra boost and make you feel more prepared, plus there’s plenty of room to spread all your books out.

Beinecke: Though this big yellow building in the middle of campus is best known for Annex parties and the diner, head towards the barn to find some cute little study rooms that are always quiet on weekdays. If you find these rooms are occupied, you can also try the fireplace lounge downstairs!

Fitness Center: Sounds like a weird place to study, but the meeting room to the left (by the dance studio) when you walk into the gym is often forgotten about and has plenty of tables. There’s a wall to separate you from the sounds of the gym and the central location makes it an easy place to pop into between classes or before your workout.

The Glen: Take advantage of warm days on campus and head outside in the glen to do some reading or studying! You’ll be less distracted by other people walking around and can soak up some sun while being productive. 

The Library: This might seem like the obvious answer when trying to find a place to study, but the library actually has some new study spaces that were unveiled last year. If you haven’t been to the second floor in forever, check out the new wood-paneled bar seating that overlooks the 24-hour room. With individual lamps and outlets, you’re sure to get plenty of work done, and you can head over to Opus 2 to get a quick caffeine fix!


Courtney is a sophomore at Hamilton College who is majoring Psychology and minoring in Sociology and Spanish. She enjoys tour guiding, writing, and living on the dark side.
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